Rick Johnson, Liberal MPP shouldn’t be so quick to point fingers

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MPP Rick Johnson likes to point fingers at Mr Hudak regarding poorly planned hydro policies, but how about his own government’s policies? Rick Johnson states the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit takes 10 per cent off our electricity bills. He forgot to tell us we have to pay this amount back plus interest after the five years are up. This will be added on top of your already inflated hydro bill.

Rick also suggests we might be eligible for “up to” $900 to $1,025 in energy tax relief. I doubt many of us will be eligible, and if this is the energy relief how much is hydro really going up?

I noticed Rick didn’t mention hydro will increase by 46 per cent more over the next four years, which will amount to an additional $750 more a year to the average hydro bill.

Then their is the ever-unpopular wind energy saga.

It’s has come to light that industrial wind turbines have not proven to save CO2 emissions. Denmark is a perfect example. This nation was only able to suggest they “might” have saved one per cent of CO2’s after placing 20,000 turbines across their country. Why? Because wind turbines only provide intermittent power, so they are dependent on gas or coal power plants to back them up. So much for saving the world.

Job loses have been as high as four jobs lost in the private sector to every ” green” subsidized job in Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK . Why? Because the price of hydro has become so high, these nations can not longer compete, creating sky-high unemployment. Does this sound like good business for Ontario?

Rick Johnson wants Hudak to be clear on energy policies, this is want Hudak has offered:

If elected, Hudak is going to put a Moratorium on industrial wind turbines and find out once and for all if turbines present any kind of danger to human health. We will be the only place in the world who will have finally done so. The Ontario Liberals have refused.

Hudak will give municipalities the right to decide if industrial wind turbines are suitable in their communities. The Ontario Liberals refuse to give us this choice.

Hudak will stop the Samsung deal saving Ontario billions of dollars in wasted taxes. Â The Ontario Liberals will pour billions of tax dollars into Korea, China and other over-seas economies letting them grow fat on our over generous subsidies.

Before Rick Johnson points fingers, perhaps he should come to grips with the many flaws his Ontario Liberals have created.

Andrew Hoag, Bethany

3 thoughts on “Rick Johnson, Liberal MPP shouldn’t be so quick to point fingers

  1. I’m confident t Mr. Rick Johnson and the Fiberals will get the message come election time…. These guys are so far out of touch with reality and the people of this province, it’s quite nauseating… They should have made a career writing scripts for the old Rod Serling tv show, ” The Twilight Zone” !!!

  2. Its all about the Liberal plan. Let’s confuse and impoverish everyone and drive out all of the smart people. So everyone left in Ontario will like them. I am sure the liberal tally come October 6th will be as bad as the dismal 10 wind megawatts generated today.

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