The whole sordid mess in a nutshell…

12 thoughts on “The whole sordid mess in a nutshell…

  1. It is a bitter realization that fellow humans are capable of such greed and deceit, but it is also a comfort to see all the decent individuals who are willing to stand up for the truth.

  2. Donna Laframboise notes another major connection between Greenpeace and the wind industry:

    “An incestuous group of people are, in a variety of venues, promoting an approach to energy generation that will end up costing the rest of us a ton of money.

    (It’s worth mentioning that Steve Sawyer, the current secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council, is a former executive director of Greenpeace International.)”

  3. Lynne:

    That is exactly what Parke and Barbara have been documenting with the incestuous Green Loop in Ontario.

    In mining promotion and stock promotion this would be considered criminal.

  4. Like I said here before — The Sierra Club had a board of directors member fresh from 2nd in command at the CIA.

    People with agendas like these are not reported by our corrupt mass media.

  5. I regret that my original posting – tracing the climate scandal back to fears in the 1950s that full scale nuclear warfare would kill everyone, including politicians – was blocked.

    If interested, please contact me by e-mail

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  6. So can we talk about how McGuinty is a fool and he was not invited to the royal wedding.

  7. That or Sierra really don’t know what the heck they are talking about!…. Turtle killers

  8. Ok, where is the line that states McGuinty is a fool, or is it written in code.

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