Huron County vetoes health study pitch

By Susan Hundertmark, Clinton News Record
A request to broaden the mandate for Huron County council’s Low Frequency Noise committee was denied at last Wednesday’s committee-of-the-whole meeting. Coun. Bill Siemon (Huron East) said he’d made the request so the LFN committee could investigate any negative health effects caused by Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs). “It’s to prevent any of our constituents from harm. If anyone gets sick from any effect of a wind turbine, that’s what we’ve set up the committee to deal with so we have a duty to put this forward,” he said. The request asked to “broaden the mandate for the LFN committee to include impacts and other health issues from wind turbines.”

However, Coun. Deb Shewfelt (Goderich) disagreed, stating LFN, not the investigation of health issues, was the reason the committee was set up.

Shewfelt said the committee should just be studying LFN, not wind turbines or solar installations.

“To add wind turbines is a red herring,” he said.

“Low frequency noise is an issue onto itself,” agreed Coun. Neil Vincent (North Huron), adding the request “changes the intent of the LFN committee.”

“Unless there’s a panel of doctors on there, I don’t know what they’d do for health issues,” added Coun. George Robertson (South Huron).

Coun. Brian Barnim (Central Huron), chairman of the LFN committee, explained members want to “amend the mandate” because it’s difficult to talk about LFN without talking about wind turbines.

“It would be nice to have in our mandate that we can say the words ‘wind turbine’ without having to reel everybody back in again,” he said.

Coun. Bill Dowson (Bluewater) pointed out Huron County Council is going to have to spend more than the $50,000 budgeted on the LFN committee if it is going to look at the health effects of wind turbines.

“If we’re going to do a health study, we’d need to look at millions of dollars,” he said.

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  1. The Ministry of Environment (MOE) will not give a “Certificate of Approval” until council and staff have agreed that a “complete application” has been submitted for approval, and then approved.

    The “application” is never complete.

    You can’t make something normal, out of an abnormal situation. Period.

    In my opinion, The Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150) is either
    “Ultra Virus” or “Illegal” – we haven’t heard the final debate on this yet.

    Challenge the application!!!!!!! Good Luck!

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