Political contributions from renewable corporations to Liberal Party of Ontario

(reprint) See how much renewable companies have contributed $$$$ directly to get the McGuinty Liberals in power to do their bidding:
2010: $140,000
2009: $108,000

Acciona Infrastructures Canada $9,270
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. $9,270
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association $2,400
Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) $5,000
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. $9,300
German Solar Corporation $5,000
Energy Solutions Canada Corp $8,500
Gengrowth Renewables Inc. $950
International Power Canada Inc  $5,000
Recurrent Energy Canadian Portfolio  $9,000
Skypower Ltd  $795
Windstream Energy $6,500
Enbridge (By-Election TC) $9,300
Recurrent Energy (By-Election TC) $9,000
Windstream Energy  (By-Election TC) $6,500
Canadian Solar Industries (By-Election TC) $5,000
Canadian Renewable Fuels (By-Election TC) $2,400
German Solar Corporation  (By-Election TC) $5,000
Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. (By-Election TC) $9,270
SkyPower Limited (By-Election TC) $795
Acciona Infrastructures (By-Election TC) $9,270
Gengrowth Renewables (By-Election TC) $950
International Power Canada (By-Election TC) $5,000
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (By-election OW-N) $1,300
Bullfrog Power (By-election OW-N) $310
SkyPower Limited (By-election OW-N) $2,000
Recurrent Energy Canadian (By-election OW-N) $700
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association(By-election OW-N) $1,300
Enbridge (By-election OW-N) $660
TransAlta (By-election OW-N) $300
Total $140,040
AIM Powergen $1,300
Aurora Solar Corp $2,500
Brookfield Asset Management $8,500
Bullfrog Energy $450
Canadian Hydro Developers $540
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association $7,395
Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. $2,200
CPV Development $1,500
Enbridge Gas Distribution $7,400
Epcor Utilities $5,000
Winteroad Wind Energy Corp $610
Northand Power (By-election H-KL-B) $18,500
AIM Powergen (By-election H-KL-B) $1,350
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association  (By-election H-KL-B) $2,000
Enbridge (By-election H-KL-B) $1,650
Hybridyne Power Systems (By-election H-KL-B) $250
Skypower Corp (By-election H-KL-B) $10,750
Suncor Energy (By-election H-KL-B) $9,500
TransAlta (By-election H-KL-B) $2,150
401 Energy Group (By-election H-KL-B) $800
Gander Energy Corporation (By-election H-KL-B) $600
Northland Power Inc (By-election SP) $7,000
Rankin Renewable Power (By-election SP) $1,200
Bullfrog Power (By-election SP) $1,000
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (By-election SP) $4,500
Enbridge  (By-election SP) $5,000
Epcor Utilities Inc (By-election SP) $5,000
Total $108,645

6 thoughts on “Political contributions from renewable corporations to Liberal Party of Ontario

  1. The saddest part of all this is that we have absolutely no legitimate honest “opposition” to this inside our present Provincial Government. The person leading the cries of outrage here, Andrea Horwath was a signatory on the Green Energy Act that is promoting this type of “bribery” and the other Party, the Conservatives receive as much money in “bribes” as the Libs!

    Nobody can stand up in Queen’s Park with a straight face and accuse anyone sitting beside them, in front of them or behind them of being dishonest while fumbling with taxpayers change in their own pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those amounts listed above are the very re4ason why Fair Vote Ontario and Fair Vote Canada are trying so hard to remove corporate donations to Municipal candidates.

    Here in Norfolk County, the Coucillor who pushed hardest to have AIM PowerGen erect first 38 then another 18 IWT’s in the southwest corner of our county is on record as having accepted money FROM AIM /IPC for his election campaign.

    Without diluting what we are doing, we do need to change the election contributions in Municipal campaigns!

    If you have time, please contact FVO/FVC @ 416 – 410 – 4034 and office@fairvote.ca

  3. Is there anywhere on the internet where we could find “donations” for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario?

    I bet the same contributors names come up on that one too!

    It’s called “covering your bets”!

  4. And don’t forget the multiple $8500 liberal party donations from StrategyCorp Inc., registered Ontario lobbyist working on behalf of its client, CanWEA! Thinly veiled corruption. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it ethical.

  5. The most despicable thing about this entire situation is the realization that there are so many morally bankrupt people in Ontario. While they pass around their almighty corporate money supporting each other, we have families who are in severe financial distress because they can’t live in their homes. This is sickening. Where the h*ll are the self professed humanitarians in our government? How long must this go on?

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