Blinking red lights driving you crazy?

OCAS Inc. is pleased to announce that the first North American wind farm with an OCAS solution is now in full operation at the Talbot Wind Energy Project near Chatham, Ontario.  The 98.9-MW Talbot project consists of 43 Siemens turbines.

The OCAS solution utilizes patented radar technology mounted on select turbine towers to detect approaching aircraft and activates the turbine aviation strobe lights for a primary visual warning as required by Transport Canada. This keeps the lights off at all times unless an aircraft approaches the wind turbines. If the aircraft does not take measures to avoid the turbines, a secondary audio warning is delivered to the pilot’s VHF radio. By keeping the system off until an aircraft is detected, OCAS leaves skies free from light pollution, decreasing public annoyance, lowering the environmental impact of the wind project while increasing safety for the aviation community. The OCAS solution is the first and only Transport Canada tested and approved Aircraft Detection System (ADS).  More here

13 thoughts on “Blinking red lights driving you crazy?

  1. Boy they really fixed the problems with turbines. This should increase their efficiency and reduce the damage to wild life and the community. McGuinty should make a campaign commercial about it.

  2. I hope it mandatory and the one’s already up have to change their lights to this system

  3. There is no way in hell McGuinty would force the wind companies to do anything.

  4. A resident finally got a response to their noise complaints about the turbines. Part of the letter”It is my understanding that Int. Power Canada is developing an abatement plan specifically relating to ongoing complaints raised for the Harrow Wind Farm. Upon receipt, MOE will review the abatement plan. I would encourage you contact the MOE Windsor Office directly regarding this matter. ”
    Our residents are suffering with excessive noise for months and they are developling a plan! Your right MA, they should shut the damm things down, Wilkinson says they have the power to do that. Why have they not? Maybe the guy with turbines that thinks we should be nicer to certain twits has the answer?

  5. That’s incredible! They can do that? My suggestion to wind companies, cell companies, other tower companies etc was to put the light inside a cone so that you could only see the light from above and not below but this system is way out there.
    Bravo, I hope this technology is adopted to ALL towers.

  6. Sorry Folks…. I live in the Talbot project that they are raving about. It has been functional for 5 months and the red lights have been horrible in what was once a beautiful star filled night sky. Every time they are asked about this fabulous system… they reply that they are still working on it.

    RES will not even provide residents with a noise complaint protocol. The people of the community (non leaseholders) were not even invited or informed about their big celebration/opening last week (wonder what they don’t want the media and dignitaries to hear??). Generally people living within 1 km of these turbines hear them inside their homes, they can be heard outside at distances of up to 2.5 km.

    As usual… take what the industry hands out with a truckload (not a grain) of salt.

  7. Thanks for letting us know that, M

    They don’t need these fancy gadgets anyway. An upwards cone is cheap, no maintenance and would have reduced the light pollution. They very easily could have voluntarily done this on all projects. But they didn’t. They simply don’t care about local neighbours

  8. And what exactly is this radar system bombarding us poor non participating receptors with???? on top of the low frequency, audible noise, and infrasound, and stray voltage and voltage surges, and destruction of the community. How many more pollutants will it take to “get blood on our floors” so that the MOE will help us.

  9. So is RES lying then? I don’t get it, are the lights on or off at this project? Maybe another lawsuit needs to be filed for dishonesty.

    MA, my investigations have found that the cone system was an option but Nav Canada wouldn’t approve of it due to the fact that if a plane was flying below the cone height, it might not see the lights.

    I’m a big fan of this radar techology because outside my window, I can see 5 flashing lights and one strobe on all the communication towers in my area. I hope that this techno gadgetry gets applied to them in my lifetime.

  10. I think the lights are shut off tonight June 22, we’ll see.

    Why don’t they deal with all of the other problems as well?

    Small planes don’t have radar, fly at night and fly the lowest. How does that work?

  11. Jef,

    If we filed a lawsuit every time someone in the Windustry lied, we’d all have been broke a long time ago. 🙂

    Perhaps in some rare instances in certain remote areas, the planes might be flying that low to be below the cones, but most of these projects are going into fairly populated areas. There are 200 homes within 2 km of my project. The only way any plane would be that low here if he were making a crash landing.

    • Exactly, so if you were making a crash landing, wouldn’t it be nice to see things like radio towers or wind turbines coming up so you could make avoidance manuvers before crashing into a bean field?
      Therefore a cone system would not work.

  12. I have been monitoring and the lights have been off for the most part, the last few nights… maybe they do have it working…. now if they could just turn the turbines off too… then we would have our health and peace back. Maybe the owls and bats might come back too.

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