Personal finances will be devastated

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If the ill-conceived wind turbine developments go ahead in Ontario as planned, I will not be able to afford a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons, not because of my hydro bill as Tyler Hamilton states but because my property and personal finances will be devastated by this industrial development. Three wind turbines each 400 feet high will be within 500 metres of my house — not my property line but my house. We will lose the use of most of our farm property and the value of our property will be depleted. The foreign wind company developing in our area has acknowledged the negative impact on property values. They have also acknowledged to my face (and with a smile on their face) that they have no plans to compensate property owners. I am an environmentalist and a fierce proponent of green energy. Responsible green energy development is needed, not massive industrial machines with the potential to negatively impact the health and welfare of people within close proximity. I have no interest in selling out my fellow Ontarians so that I can maintain our reputation with South Korea. ~ Martha Rutherford Conrad, Orono

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  1. Unfortunately, we in rural Ontario have become pawns to this ridiculous experiment. What is worse, many town and city dwellers have little empathy. Many are just not interested. One person told me, “I choose to remain ignorant.” All they hear is, “green,” then turn off to our concerns.

  2. I agree completely– rural residents in Ontario, America, Europe, etc are losing their way of life (a quiet peaceful countryside and becoming an industrial area). Most town/city dwellers don’t get excited until the wind company wants to put the wind project close to town and it’s going to affect their towns growth or people they know. What I found is that all they hear/read about is the press releases put out by the wind company. The news pretends it’s a news story, but most often it reads like a press release. Yes, property values will go down in the area of the wind projects — but I have found that those things never come out. You don’t see stories in most newspapers about the affects of these things on the daily lives of people after they have been put in — I guess the wind company doesn’t send out press releases for that!

    • Well said, Bette and Pat.

      The Tyler Hamilton article referred to by writer Martha Conrad misses the point completely: when it comes to IWTs, the price of hydro is but a small part of the much larger problem.

      But then again, wet-behind-the-ears Hamilton is pretty anxious to flog his new book “Mad Like Tesla”, about “green and clean technologies”.

      Tyler, don’t let the facts get in the way of your journey as a budding author …

  3. “Three wind turbines each 400 feet high will be within 500 metres of my house — not my property line but my house. We will lose the use of most of our farm property . . . ”

    Does this imply that you signed a lease, Martha??

  4. Ontarians who live near the U.S. border are buying gas and groceries in the States as energy prices there are lower and have not yet driven the price of food up to Ontario levels.

  5. How many rural Ontarians are going to lose their life’s savings which are wrapped up in their homes/property and are UNSALABLE because they are surrounded by dozens of IWT’s all within 3 km?

  6. I’m going to stick my neck out on Martha’s behalf. She did NOT sign a lease with a wind company. Her property is surrounded on three sides by two farmers who did sign a lease.The turbines can be placed 50 meters from her property line with each turbine(one on each side) encroaching the remaining 500 meters on her property , turning her farm into a turbine zone.Each turbine could be 550 meters from the center of her home, not 500 meters as reported.

    • But the article says the turbines are “within 500 metres of my house” – not my house is within 500 metres of my property line on 3 sides. Maybe she made a mistake in composing the article/letter. Emotions can cause us to make such mistakes. Anyone who was surrounded on three sides by turbines this close IF they did not sign a lease has a right to be upset. If she did not sign a lease, how come she will lose the use of most of her farm land?

    • First of all the Star has the right to edit letters to the editor…they do it all the time. I know her well enough. She did NOT sign a lease. Of course she is upset! Who wouldn’t be? Much of her land will be deemed unsafe due to the possibility of blade throw and ice throw in the winter. Wind turbine manufacturers recommend a “no-go” zone of 1.5 – 2 times the rotor height. In this case the turbines have a rotor height of 100 meters( RePower MM92). Each blade weighs several tonnes. Ice can be thrown even further.

    • Also…if she wanted to sever a lot off her property for retirement or her children a dwelling would not be permitted anywhere in the 550 meter circle of the turbine. She (along with many others in Ontario) will loose her rights to enjoy her own property. She will suffer from noise, flicker, blinking lights etc.
      Does that answer your question Matttie?

    • Thanks Ed,
      People need to know the details so they can correctly understand the whole situation.

    • Have the lightning issues that can be associated with IWTs been addressed in Martha’s situation? Tall structures like IWTs can be struck by branch lightning and a branch/branches of lightning strike nearby objects. Ground to cloud lightning is also associated with tall structures like IWTs

  7. Thank you Ed. That does clarify things substantially. From the letter it appeared to me that she must have signed a lease but you have clearly stated that she is a “neighbour”. As such I agree with her completely that it is unfair and unconscionable that she suffer as a result of her neighbours’ actions. Health concerns, preservation of property value and the right to enjoy our own property are a big part of the fight. I am with you and Martha completely in this. Thanks again for clarifying the situation.

    • You’re welcome Mattie. This fight is huge! No one wants to be forced into a situation like Martha’s. Thanks for your support and understanding! It means a lot.:)

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