Wind Concerns Meaford Launches Website

Meaford Independent
As they continue their mission to raise awareness about potential wind farm installations in the municipality, Wind Concerns Meaford (WCM) has launched a new website which they hope will help them improve communication with members as well as the general public.  WCM was formed early in 2010 when a group of concerned residents came together to research and inform the public about the potential consequences of industrial wind turbine developments in Meaford.

The group has been active in lobbying municipal council to take a stand against what they see as a possible influx of wind turbines that many fear will result in decreased property values, destruction of natural rural vistas, and potential health problems for those living in close proximity to wind farms.

In a media release issued on Thursday WCM says that more than 80 municipalities in Ontario have passed moratoriums calling for the Ontario government to conduct more research into the effects of wind turbines.

“Our association has focused on several local wind-turbine projects, informing Meaford Municipal Council on the danger of allowing these developers, who operate behind the “Flying Wedge” of the Green Energy Act, to run roughshod over the interest of our community and many of its ratepayers,” says the organization on their new website.

The launch of the website comes as political parties are gearing up for the October provincial election – an election that will undoubtedly see the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act hotly debated.

“As the upcoming provincial election nears, we are becoming more openly political in drawing the attention of the voting public to the fact that the present  provincial government and its ministers are totally out of reach, refusing to answer requests for information or engage in any dialogue. We publicize the enormous threat to our environment, our health, our beautiful countryside and our financial well-being. We have learned over the past year or so that, regardless of where one stands on global warming or CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the proposed wind-turbines are entirely useless in alleviating any environmental degradation,” says WCM.

You can access the WCM’s new website by clicking here.