Wind power’s effects gauged

by Nancy Madsen, Watertown Daily News

CAPE VINCENT — A Chicago-based appraiser has decided that wind turbines in the town will depress property values of homes within two miles of turbines by up to 40 percent.  McCann Appraisal LLC reviewed the town’s wind economics committee’s report, outside sources, company research and the noise impact assessment from Hessler Associates Inc., Haymarket, Va., from April 2010 for Acciona Wind Energy USA’s St. Lawrence Wind Farm’s final environmental impact statement.  Read entire article

2 thoughts on “Wind power’s effects gauged

  1. I’ve seen this man speak out, and he has really taken an interest, because after all – it does have an impact on the real estate business.

    That attractive country property, with the amazing sunsets, the summer breeze and the sound of the crickets, is no longer available.
    Boy, the more I think about it – it makes me sick.

    All this environmental destruction, along with the “planned” disregard for human well being – because Mr. McGuinty’s Liberals decided they were going to save the planet, and get an award.

    One thing is for sure: future generations, will look back on this time in history, and ask,
    “What the hell were they thinking”.

  2. Property values have increased on Wolfe Island? Who is this person talking to — the proponents!The only homes being built and with increased values are those 5 km away from the turbines at the foot. The head of the island — that closest tot Cape Vincent, has suffered near property value collapse (collapse meaning no one can sell their homes).

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