More wind farms possible in Chatham-Kent

London Free Press

MERLIN – Kruger Energy’s official launch Tuesday of its $310 million second phase wind farm may see a third phase down the road. Company president Joseph Kruger II told municipal, provincial and federal officials he’s anxious to take on another project in Chatham-Kent. “Bring it on,” he told Mayor Randy Hope.  Read article

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  1. Politicians don’t do math… It’s ugly and it’s hard — eh?

    Chatham-Kent Essex MPP Pat Hoy, who lives in the Merlin area, said the Kruger projects are providing clean, green renewable energy.

    He hailed the investment by Kruger in the municipality.

    Hope said Chatham-Kent is the hub for renewable energy in the province and with solar and wind power combined is supplying Ontario with more than 11 per cent of its power requirements.

    Wow, 11% of its power — not even IESO makes that claim! With Hope there is no hope. Perhaps the math is beyond Hope? Is there any hope — or just Hope? I hope we can get rid of Hope and then deal with reality — at least we can hope so!

  2. “Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren said the federal government, under its EcoENERGY for renewable power program, will provide Kruger with up to $31 million over 10 years”.

    Things don’t look that hopeful when even conservative governments are using our money to support this insanity.

    Lets face reality folks….. difficult (if not impossible) to fight the combined forces of greenies and multi-national power corporations.

    Does anyone have a list of provinces/states/countries safe from IWTs and not governed by bunch of hoopleheads?? Time to start considering Plan B -> getting out of Ontario for at least the next 20 years.

    • That federal EcoEnergy program has since been cancelled by the Harper gov’t. This project qualified for it before the cancellation.

  3. June 29, 2011
    To: Mr. Randy Hope
    Mayor Chatham Kent

    Mr. Hope,

    Be aware that this letter and all responses (or lack or response) will available for public viewing. All personal addresses and phone numbers will be removed.

    In the London Free Press newspaper June 29, 2011, there was a story titled “More Wind farms Possible”.

    There is a paragraph in the story that states

    “Hope said Chatham-Kent is the hub for renewable energy in the province and with solar and wind power combined is supplying Ontario with more than 11 per cent of its power requirements.”

    Please clarify this statement. Is the London Free Press quoting accurately? If so what is your source for this 11% statement?

    David Libby

    • Barbara:

      Best line in his post….

      For example, I hear the usual concerns that the median output of wind farms is a fraction of nameplate capacity and that their output can be zero at times of peak demand. (This is very much the case in Ontario.) In order for the IPCC report to be useful, it has to provide something more authoritative than a repetition of a Greenpeace scenario.

      Note the use of the word median…

      • There are many more worthwhile comments on renewables on this Climate Audit webpage. Lots of very thoughtful people are now commenting on renewable energy. Steve’s comment that wind is a mature technology and not much more can be done to improve performance is a great point.

  4. I refer to a 1/4 page, colour advertisement in the Toronto Star dated June 30, 2011 on page G13:

    The graphic shows a man in shirtsleeves standing in a field with turbines in the distance.

    The text begins Wind. For my community.
    Wind energy is providing Ontario with clean, affordable electricity, new jobs and a brighter future.

    Further down the page below the turbines:

    “Wind energy is about land stewardship. We’re using a small portion of land to provide the clean energy our modern society demands. New jobs and investment from wind energy mean a brighter future for the local economy.”
    Mayor Randy Hope, Chatham.

    Below this is a statement from Canwea–This 90 megawatt Talbot Wind Project , located in the municipality of Chatham Kent , generates emits enough emissions free electricity to meet the needs of about 33,000 homes.

    This ad targets the Toronto area where I suppose Canwea will send the electricity.

  5. Correction of ad–date of of ad June 29 and further down emits enough, emits should be removed from the text. This portion of the ad is printed in pale blue and difficult to read.

  6. The hourly output provides an idea of variations in power produced by IWTs. What is not easy to get is the within hour variation and that variation can be larger than the hourly measurements. These variations are random so unpredictable and create problems for grid managers who have to find electricity sources to compensate drops and at times dump when there is too much. IWTs with the present technology are a waste of money, time and effort if the electricity was meant to help power the grid.

    • Well point me to the data for minute by minute readings — I could probably even handle up to 40 readings a second for an IWT (about 1.5GB per day) — happy to analyze the data… 🙂

      But… if the hourly data shows that they are useless — would it really be worth the effort?

      However, if that is what it would take to make the case to tear them all down — then happy to oblige. Bring it on!

  7. To say IWTs are applicable to help Ontario supply power to customers is a sign of ignorance or greed.

  8. “…Asking for better setbacks is a waste of effort.”
    “…if the hourly data shows that they are useless — would it really be worth the effort?”

    Everyone can pick something to put the effort into. Sadly there are a lot of options available with this one.
    Some are fighting for health. Some are fighting the lack of democratic process and violations of section 2. Some are fighting the dismal economics. Some are fighting being bullied out of their homes. Councils are fighting for their control back.Take your best talents and fight your a** off because if they wind up in your community it will be almost impossible to undo the damage to your neighbourhood, environment and very possibly your own family. Look at the current ones…they’re causing health problems, costing us all dearly in the pocketbook and the developer always wins when there is conflict. They have full approval of our government and this will continue until WE collectively force a stop to it.
    A council, (engaged) MPP, MP, journalist, local health unit, etc. can only understand by you sending them your information. You know what is happening. You have been researching. Look up the addresses tab on this site and get to work.

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