Wind turbine issue picks up in Stayner

by Michael Gennings,

STAYNER – The Township of Clearview says the province and Ontario Power Authority should consider WPD Canada’s revised wind turbine project, located just west of Stayner, a new project and not an amendment to the original application.  Read article

16 thoughts on “Wind turbine issue picks up in Stayner

  1. Surely you don`t expect WPD to play by normal rules! This is Ontario! They are Gods!
    Windys Rule!
    Besides it`s too close to Oct.6/11, to worry about silly legalitys or heaven forbid, fairness!

  2. having immigrated from a communist country many , many years ago so we could live in freedom I can tell you this….we are not much better anymore.
    Next they will regualted how many toilette sheets you can use, and you will pay an eco fee so inspectors can verify it.
    The entire alternate electricity direction is built on a lie. Our electricity culture of fear is built on lies. The environment culture of fear is built on lies.
    IPCC is from the UN…a good segment of the UN countries would like us blown off the face of the earth…..
    The Greeks are dealing with what we will soon be dealing with.
    The more we continue to just talk , the IWTs keep going in , the stalling continues as the IWTs keep going in. As we fight in the courts the IWTs keep going in. …

    • Ernest,
      I ain’t sitting on my arse just talking.I’m doing!
      And so are a whole lot of other people.
      You write great stuff, keep writing and get it published.Your doing, not talking!
      Informing everyone you meet is a good start.

      It now takes me 2 hrs to do a half hour shop for groceries.
      Engage your next shopper and inform.
      and if you want some pointers.come and shop with me.



    • Thank you so much for your comment. You are very wise, you get it, because you have lived it. I appreciate your comment very very much.

      Today, they do not teach history. Instead, they teach environmental crap.
      We are becoming a “fear based” society.

      My parents came to this country – “only for freedom” – They did not come because the government said they were serving free lunches.
      They came with one suitcase, no money, worked hard without government interference, and never complained because they lived in freedom.

      For a while there – I took my “freedom” for granted – and never really thought about “freedom”. Now I see it all differently.

      I agree with you -The Green Movement – is built on lies, and a culture of fear.

      Climate Change has absolutely nothing to do with weather. And the notion human beings are destroying the planet is lunacy. It’s becoming a green religion movement.

      This is a true story. Child comes home with an assignment for homework: How many rooms in your home? How many light bulbs in your home?
      How many are CFL’s and how many incandescent light bulbs?
      The mother paused, and told the child to write down their home contained only CFL light bulbs……which was not true.
      A certain – unexplained – fear – gripped the mom. Interesting, eh?

      It’s planned insanity! We have to “ration our electricity”, “ration our water”, buy expensive CFL bulbs, – only – made in China. But, I hear Germany is hoarding all the incandescent light bulbs in warehouses. I also read, two guys from Europe – have found a loophole in the law – and they are trying to market the incandescent bulb as a – heat lamp.

      I totally agree with your statement:
      “The more we continue to just talk , the IWTs keep going in , the stalling continues as the IWTs keep going in. As we fight in the courts the IWTs keep going in”.
      They are completing reports, and filing them as part of the process, as we keep talking.

      All the while they use the “Delphi Technique” on the councils and staff – and everybody gets sucked into a hell hole.
      The minute you start filling out “their” document from the start – the process has begun.
      Citizens are not in the equation – period. Because every concern has a predetermined answer. Becomes part of the process – And, so it goes on and on and on and on………..a “no win” situation.

      Thank you so much for your comment. I get it!
      God Bless!

      I encourage everyone to pray for Israel – because, if you understand how important it is to “our freedom” – you will pray……(if you pray).

    • Ernest:

      I find your thoughts inspiring. Keep writing — I look for your posts.

      ( Now hopefully that does not worry you. )

      PS: My grandfather left in advance of a “neck tie party” so I understand your comments about communism.

  3. Just keep a clear head and support your councils with help and information to clarify EVERY single detail in each plan/proposal.

    The IWT companies have to engage and provide maps GIS and other pertanant details that have to be gone over with a fine toothcomb and if there is a glitch then they will have to rearrange.
    and so forth.

    The first ones were a shoo in, now we know the game,it wont be from now on.

    Sort your heads out and start engaging other groups and see what they are doing.

  4. I do feel for the families who will be negatively affected by the turbines — though with 1000 meters that is much better than most places in the US which are more on the order of 1200 feet, 1320 feet and if lucky 1600 feet from the foundation of a neighboring home. The wind issue is a problem worldwide, until politicians get some common sense it won’t change. I believe the money is pushing this so much that the ordinary citizen just fights their own regional battle and hopes for the best.
    Here in the US the government spends countless amounts of money promoting wind – the department of Energy has a wind website. I just find the whole thing amazing; plus sad.

  5. The President of the U.S. listens to ENGOs UN, wind developers and etc. He dosen’t listen to the people. Maybe it’s about time he did listen!
    Many Republican candidates for the 2012 election also believe in the “green” fairy tales they have been sold.

  6. “Before we actually went public with this particular layout we did check with all authorities…and we were told everything would be fine,” WPD president Ian MacRae told The Sun on Tuesday morning.
    The authorities are what is skewed. The mantras of the Wind Industry is “its the way of the future” or “for the greater good”. I agree with Ernest, these are persuasions of a Communist kind. The Wind Industry doesn’t even need to gain approval of the citizens, just get in with the Dalton McGuinty gang.

    • Agenda 21 is a Marxist agenda. The idea is to get you off your land and into “sustainable habitat areas”. Without private property, you have no rights.

  7. Comments to our site are fine but it is is talking to the choir -there was an article on the site this morning in the London Free Press that garnered only one comment – that’s where our comments should be going and to your councils and MPPs etc -get the message out.

    • Ruffie,
      You are correct.

      The London FP shutdown the comment section very quickly. The one comment didn’t suit thier agenda? I don’t know.

      People may not always be very good with sending letters. If you can write your’s and post them on this site in the comment section others can copy and paste the letter and send it as well. Even if just two people do it is half the work for twice the letters. If I see your letter I will copy and send it. I have done this before. I don’t know how many people actually do this but it only takes two to make it worthwhile.

      Also include how to reach the contact

  8. You are right we are talking to the choir, but sometimes we need that — actually until a person finds websites like this and others — I & others in my area thought we were alone, then you realize there are others in the area and in the world who are being plagued by these things which will destroy the landscape and peace & quiet of our areas.
    I agree each person should respond to articles — but often a person doesn’t find out about an article until quite later. But I respond with factual information. Unlike the typical leaseholders comments –“it’s my land I can do what I want”, “my electric bill will go down” and “we need to get off foreign oil”. These are the typical ones I see in comments from lease holders.around here.– not true -but still stated.

  9. The choir is getting larger and larger. Keep talking, keep writing and keep learning. The reality is the IWTs are of no value if wanted for powering homes. It gets worse when it is realized we are paying a lot of money for this mess, making large tracts of land inhabitable and destroying at minimum bird and bat populations. IWTs are not exactly a knight in shining armour.

  10. My Father was 80 lbs when liberated by the Russians from a Concentration Camp in Poland.. When he got out of Poland , his dream was to come to Canada in 1950 to be a Canadian and work hard, save and eventually purchase a farm. He did accomplish that dream in Clearview in 1970. He must be rolling over in his grave now. His farm is under attack by this fascism and fear mongering by a false green ideology. His generation and the one before him sacrificed much for us. We must stand up now and be counted as Canadians. History will reflect our resolve to be good stewards of the land. Our Children and their children are counting on us. We will not let them down.

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