Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry to recieve the Order of Canada

Congratulations, Dr. McMurtry and thank you for all you have done to promote responsible health care in Canada.

The Governor General of Canada
OTTAWA—His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, announced today 50 new appointments to the Order of Canada.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry to recieve the Order of Canada

  1. Gratitude flows, from those of us who cringe at the callous indifference or cowardly self-interest of those in health care who have turned a deaf ear to the pleas of our fellow citizens, to those who feel duty compels them to interrupt their own lives to protect those of others less fortunate.

    It takes a person of strong character to leave the easy path of comfort and complacency to explore treacherous ground pitted with deceit and greed. We are delighted to see such bravery and selflessness rewarded and hope that we can begin to raise our heads from shame in the Government of Ontario to pride as Canadians.

  2. He gets an Order of Canada and our town council treated him to insults.

    • My thoughts exactly Brenda – he gets an Order of Canada and yet his opinons are ignored.
      There are not enough words to express my gratitude to this man (and the many others) who cared & spoke on behalf of the people who are suffering from industrial wind turbines.

  3. Congratulations Dr. McMurtry!
    Those who have had the opportunity to meet him know his strength and character. He truly cares about people.

    PS Proponents can say what they want, he is above that tripe. The Kings, Colbys and Copes of the world continue promoting harm to the public.
    They all took the same oath.
    Makes you wonder why good people go bad.

  4. Congratulations Dr. McMurtry
    My faith has now been restored in the ‘Order of Canada’ award, which I critisized only a few days ago, in this very comment section.
    A more deserving recipient could never be found, than the selfless,caring Dr.McMurtry.

  5. Dr McMurtry is a genuine health care leader…tireless, selfless, and generous. There could be no better recipient of this “sometimes” correctly placed award for excellence. Dr McMurtry’s reputation as the real stuff of medical heroism will be recognized even further now. How rare and wonderful to meet someone whose compassion for victims of wind turbine chaos, and broken communities, is unwavering. He has and does provide a VOICE for those whose real life turbine encounters are not heard by a callous and frighteningly cynical government.

  6. Your knowledge and experiences provides guidance,
    Your compassion, oh, your compassion has helped victims remain whole in their darkest of time while fighting industrial wind turbines and while trying to cope in their once safe and healthy environments,
    Your words and hugs so calming,
    You are so deserving,
    Congratulations, Dr.. McMurtry

    We also, want to thank your family who have seen your extra family time become the time spent helping ” neighbours across Ontario” in distress due to industrial wind turbines, Thank you McMurtry Family

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