Letter from impacted residents hand delivered to Tim Hudak

Dear Mr. Hudak:
Please see the attached letters. The first is from [Son] who is the son of [Mother]. [Mother’s] signature is on the second letter. This correspondence is representative of what is happening in industrial wind projects in Ontario. Please note the dates on each letter because it’s shameful that this has been going on for so long now.

Many residents quietly sell the problem at a loss to the next person and move away. Some who can’t afford to do this suffer daily and nightly finding relief in driving away from home as often as they can. Some have simply walked away from a home they loved because they are too sick and too tired to function anymore. I know this because I am in touch with many people who are at a loss as to what to do. I transcribed survey returns for WindVOiCe from handwritten notes. You can see the final results at www.windvigilance.com

[Son] and his mother are only one example of many who have abandoned their home to regain their health. They know the ‘Truth about Turbines’ only too well.

Please, Mr. Hudak, could you address some or all of this young man’s concerns? He echoes the feelings of many across this province. I would also like to see definitive direction to address the suffering that so many have experienced with only 700 or so large turbines up and running.

Sincerely, Lorrie Gillis

Hand delivered.

Letter of issues to address from a young man who has watched his family have to walk away from their home:

Here are some details that I think should be clarified by the PCs before the election in order to assure the electorate that they understand the criticalness of the situation and to demonstrate that they are committed to doing the right thing for everyone impacted by industrial wind turbines:
– Commit a specific, appropriate amount of money ($1 million, $5 million, $10 million…) as a line item in their first year’s budget to be spent on a study of the health effects of wind turbines (ideally with details about how this money will be spent.)  From what I understand, Sivoththaman’s grant at the University of Waterloo for $1.5 million over 5 years is directed entirely towards overhead expenses and there is no money available in this budget for the expenses of actually conducting research.  This has caused delay for researchers who need to qualify and receive grants before they are able to begin their work.  I’ve heard that in some cases, these applications for grants have been denied, which has impeded the effectiveness of Sivoththaman’s appointment as the Chair in Renewable Energies Technologies, to say the least.
– Commit to implementing a “scientifically-accepted field methodology to measure wind turbine noise to determine compliance and non-compliance,” by a certain date.
The delay by the current government to implement this is unconscionable, and absolutely incomprehensible.  From what I understand, the technology and expertise exists to measure wind turbine noise, so given the importance of this issue, why is the government delaying?  I admit that I, like many people, don’t know many of the details about what the government is working on towards this end.  Is the discussion stalled at decisions like where to place the microphone, and over what length of time to average the sound level?  If so, after years of awareness and discussion at the Ministry of the Environment on this issue, there must be lots of information currently available upon which a new government can make these decisions relatively quickly, to move forward with determining if projects are, or are not, in compliance.
– Similarly, I thought that the present government had put out a contract to come up with low frequency noise standards, but again, I don’t know much about where this process is currently being held up.  I think this contract may have been awarded to HGC Engineering, or Aercoustics…?  I would think that LFN standards that are relevant would have to be based on the outcome of a health study, unless the plan is to use LFN standards from other industries.  Whatever the case may be, I am a bit concerned that whichever firm is tasked with coming up with these LFN standards may currently be busy travelling across the province recording LFN levels at all the wind power plants that are currently operating, so they can set the limit above the highest LFN level recorded (similar to how they set the maximum bird kill limit.)  The details of this issue might be such that the PCs cannot reasonably commit to much on this issue at this time. However, it would be nice to hear the PCs acknowledge in some way that ILFN from wind turbines is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.  Could they commit to determining ILFN standards by a certain date?  ie – within 6 months?  or at least identify it as an element of the health study?
Also, it would be nice to see the PCs commit to increased transparency about wind turbines in Ontario.  I don’t view wind turbine development or operation as a matter of national security, so is there any good reason why we Ontarians should not be able to see, in full light, what our government is, and has been doing regarding wind turbine regulation (especially considering the humiliation and frustrations we’ve already endured)?  Citizens should not be at the mercy of Freedom of Information officers or subpoenas in order to find out how our government is looking out for us.  Could the PCs offer to:

  • release all information at the MOE (memos, correspondence, etc) regarding wind turbine developments and investigations
  • conduct an audit
  • direct the Ombudsperson, Auditor General, Attorney General? to investigate?

I recognize that some of these ideas may not be possible for a party that is not the government to commit to, since they may not be privy to the details of the present government.  In creating this list though, I tried to keep in mind what is fair and reasonable for the citizens of Ontario.  If the PCs cannot get into the level of detail suggested above, there is still the opportunity for the PCs to speak about the importance of these issues before the election.

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  1. A health study suggests that wind turbines have a place in our energy profile. I believe a proper investigation and cost benefit analysis should be applied instead. These will certainly show the low value for the high cost of wind which will not improve the economy or GHG emissions in any significant way. As for those who are suffering right now, a proper INDEPENDENT noise assessment, will surely show the non compliant levels using the present MOE guidelines.

    • “As for those who are suffering right now, a proper INDEPENDENT noise assessment, will surely show the non compliant levels using the present MOE guidelines.”

      From Rand Acoustics:
      “The A-weighted level doesn’t track the experience at all. I know! Steve and I sat for hours on Monday, comparing what we were feeling and what our meters were displaying. The dBA doesn’t work at all. So we have a complete disconnect between medical impact and regulatory framework.
      Don’t count on dBC either.”

      I’m feeling the effect of ILFN from a distance of 2.5 km. I have no doubt measurements of sound from the turbines, here at my house, would be in compliance. The physical reaction of people to ILFN must be observed in conjunction with sound measurements in order to decommission existing facilities.

      • I agree that A-weighted levels do not track the experience, however in my own crude efforts to measure noise from turbines, levels well above 40 dBA have been recorded. dBC levels are even higher. The Ontario gov’t insists that the noise cannot exceed 40dBA. I believe in many cases, using non avg. noise readings over 10 minute intervals, we can show this over and over again for anybody who is finding noise disturbing. Even the reports from the industry hired consultants are showing levels as high as 60 dBA. The trick is to ensure their reports provide the full spectrum of data collected. The industry obscures the results in their reports to residents showing for example no correlation to noise levels inside to noise levels outside, indicating than that the noise problem lies with the residents home and not the turbines outside.

    • I still don’t believe they would get anything over 40dBA at a distance of 2.5 km from the turbine facility; maybe from the lawnmower running next door, which I could sleep through, which doesn’t make my bed or body seem to tremble, which doesn’t wake me up in a state of panic. It’s these episodes which need to be monitored – generation output, noise produced, physical reaction.

  2. Increased transparency should be the one to insist on. Sound and health effect studies provide additional knowledge that IWTs are harmful but considering how IWTs operate is it needed? The idea of providing funds for overhead expenses but no research gives the illusion of putting money into finding the answer. No different than spending money on infrastructure to theoretically provide power. This generates the illusion of providing power when there is no proof the erratic and unpredictable power produced by IWTs provides any benefits or reduces the need for other power sources.

  3. I believe it is the Green Energy Act should be scrapped. This would immediately solve the the problems associated with wind turbines because funds supporting green energy would stop. No subsidies, no turbines=no problem.
    The letters were thoughtfully written and informative. Hopefully Mr. Hudak will remember their meaning.as he campaigns.

  4. Acceptable noise levels are on a sliding scale from 40 to 51 dBa.The gov and the developers hoodwink people into believing 40 dBa is the maximum allowed. The noise is terribly intrusive due to the cyclical nature and combined with low frequency noise which the government still will not acknowledge but is measureable, the overall effect is abandonment of homes.
    It hasn’t changed in 5 years. Nothing is new except the increase in families suffering.
    This is criminal.

  5. By the way, “acceptable” means to the government as noted in the regulations, not to residents.
    The feedback from residents has been immense but does not count, otherwise there would have been drastic changes made pre GEA and that just wouldn’t be palatable to our proponent focused government and their developer friends.
    We ask for transparency but we can all see through this one….

  6. I also use the word ‘criminal’ to describe what has and is happening to people across this province. There is NO silver bullet to make this stop. Everything should be taken into consideration. NO, it should not just be about cost analysis unless you are also including costs for people who need to be reimbursed for loss of health, loss of jobs they can’t function at anymore and homes too toxic to stay in. Not everything is black and white. Forcing this govt who is in partnership with the wind industry to truly remedy the harm that has been put onto Ontario families would also put an end to it all. Turbines are not safe to put near people’s homes. Stop and think about how many projects would be left if rural families health and well being were first on the list and turbines were to be kept at, say, 2km or more from homes. Lorrie

  7. If you lived beside a neighbour in a subdivision that played music day and night , same song all the time. Or if you lived in a condo and a neighbour played music day in day out , same bass pounding away all the time. To the point where the only respite you have from it is when you are not at home.
    On the way home you would begin stressing , you would not be able to sleep , you would get edgy , your patience level would be zero , and it would affect your work and health.
    But these people have a place to turn , bylaw enforcement , police , the superintendent.
    We don’t.
    It is inevitable that someone will snap and lash out.
    And innocent lives will be put at risk that are paid to handle issues like this like our police.
    And it will have been caused by Dalton Mcguinty.
    People have the right to come home and enjoy a ceratin quality of life.
    People have the right to protect their homes and their families health from those that affect it adversely.
    It is only a matter of time.
    And when it does , it will be the responsibility of the Ontario Liberal party.
    I don’t want to see this happen because it usually isn’t the people that deserve the reaction that are on the receiving end , it’s usually someone that has nothing to do with it.

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