Municipalities of Collingwood and Clearview voice concerns with wind project

The Town of Collingwood doesn’t want to see wind towers located near its airport.
Council unanimously voted to support a resolution from the Collingwood Airport Services Board to oppose the WPD Windfarm project. The proposal – dubbed the Fairview Wind Project – will see eight wind turbines located just west of Stayner – north and south of County Road. 91.

WPD is hosting a public open house on Wednesday, July 13 at the Stayner Community Centre, 277 Regina St, Stayner. The meeting runs from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Read article

2 thoughts on “Municipalities of Collingwood and Clearview voice concerns with wind project

  1. It has been a genius media campaign
    a country of 34 million as vast as ours…and we will save the world and all the puppies , kittens , babt dolphins , whales , and polar bears , sorry forgot , oceans , icecaps , and what have I missed? womens rights.
    All we have to do is overpay for electricity and gas. and give the IPCC control of our future by having them lead the way…all they need is all your income.
    Of course we should ignore that the IPCC is part of the UN…which consists of countries that would like to see us blown off the face of the earth.
    How can anyone be against saving the globe from extinction?
    Wind and solar will do it……you betcha

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