Environmental Defence is mad — as a hatter

by Ezra Levant, Toronto Sun

Excerpt:  Here’s the crazy part. The Canadian government gives these lobbyists charitable status. Seriously. They get to issue tax receipts for donations for these things: Environmental protection and recycling services; habitat conservation; and preservation of species.

But my question for the Canada Revenue Agency is, how many millions of dollars of political campaigning and anti-monarchy stunts will it take before they rescind Environmental Defence’s charitable status, like they took it away from Greenpeace?  Read article

15 thoughts on “Environmental Defence is mad — as a hatter

  1. Want to note Dr Colby was interviewed in the Windsor Star. Hope someone can post it. Chatham Kent council obviously supports him and wants IWTs the way I read it. Sell everyone out for MONEY. And we worry about liberals. Can’t trust the people in your own baxk yard.

      • I would like to see some of the work of Dr. Colby in this following area. If true it would give him credibility. Especially if he wrote proper engineering reports…

        Outraged, Colby, a microbiologist who teaches in the departments of medicine, microbiology and physiology at the University of Western Ontario, filed an objection to the college comment. The governing body overseeing doctors didn’t know that Colby had also worked for an engineering firm and had 25 years of experience studying high fidelity sound reproduction and sound effects on humans.

        Surely there are some peer reviewed reports…

  2. These are some of the left- wingnut, foreign bastards, we will be fighting in the Ont. election this fall folks.Idiots who push bird/bat slaughtering,environmentally catastrophic IWTs, while critisizing our Canadian oil sands,one of the cleanest, most environmentally freindly sources of oil on the planet today.
    I`m no monarchist, but how dare they use Kate & Wills`visit, on Canada Day no less,to push their perverted, warped, anti-Canadian/anti-oil sands agenda.
    I sure hope our P.M.,that nice Mr. Harper, takes note, & pulls their undeserved charitable status, pronto.

  3. But Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie are such nice people — doing everything they can to educate people…

    When you step back and think about it, renewable energy is actually one of the more benign things in our society. It doesn’t pollute our air, it doesn’t poison our water, and compared to pretty much everything else, let’s be honest — it’s not very loud either.When you step back and think about it, renewable energy is actually one of the more benign things in our society. It doesn’t pollute our air, it doesn’t poison our water, and compared to pretty much everything else, let’s be honest — it’s not very loud either.”

    Yeah right! Maybe a Rubber Duckie will take care of them. Let’s hope so.

  4. Maybe they will even grow a brain — like Lynas…

    One of the reasons the Green movement is failing to attract support is that it has too much cultural baggage and is too ideologically rigid. Any reconsideration of the orthodox position — even for the sake of the environment — is seen as a betrayal.

    Politically speaking, the Green Party is trapped in the irrelevance of the Far Left. Trendy lifestyle choices such as shopping at farmers’ markets don’t address the issues of climate change and diminishing biodiversity.

    The Green demands that we should drive less, holiday at home, subsist on root vegetables and shiver in colder houses in order to use less energy are counter-productive as well as unnecessary. What we need to do is find a source of clean, green energy, which will provide the energy we need without radically altering the way we live.

    Our environment and energy problems are solvable — but can be tackled effectively only with pragmatism, rather than ideological wishful thinking. And the litmus test for that may well be the issue of nuclear power.

    Yah really think so? Maybe eh?

  5. You are wrong if you think the environmental movement is not gaining support..
    In a 2 hour trip the CBC used Climate change 22 times…Your children are being taught about the wonderful benefits of IWTs and solar panels in schools. The last 8 years have been an well organized campaign to sell you using fear and global responsibility to save the planet.
    Paid protestors are everywhere pushing for carbon pricing , renewable energy like IWTs.
    With your knowledge , by you getting it out there we can turn things around……

  6. I forwarded Mr. Levant’s article to my MP and suggested that the Feds. take Mr. Levant’s advice. I urge all of you to do the same.

  7. Yes, defense of the Environment is gaining support at a steady clip. I have to agree with Ernest…to wit:

    The world’s association of camel scientists fought back angrily on Monday over Australian plans to kill wild dromedaries on the grounds that their flatulence adds to global warming.

    Now I would never suggest that Environmental Defence and Rick Smith would support this type of foolishness — although some would…

    However, I do suggest that we all write them and demand a position statement on this and other important issues. Hats and camels, they make the world go…. somewhere.

  8. Note the names of the companies that support ENGOs. Would/could employees of donor companies dare to “rock the boat” and criticize company policy about ENGO support? Most employees want to keep their jobs in today’s difficult employment market. Hence the silence!

    • Barbara:

      Someone pointed out to me that “Walton” (Walmart fame?) money was behind First Solar in Sarnia. That’s even better….

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