More wind power propels Ontario’s election fight

List of Projects Offered July 4, 2011
by Jonathan Sher, London Free Press

Excerpt:  But in Essex County, on a farm in Harrow just 640 metres from a wind turbine, Collette McLean says it’s Ontarians and their wallets that are being taken to the cleaners.  Green energy companies are being heavily subsidized to produce power through Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program, brought in by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals in 2009, she said. The 25 new projects are the latest to be offered contracts by the provincial government.  “It’s free money at (our) expense . . . How much longer can we put up with this as taxpayers?” she said. Read article

7 thoughts on “More wind power propels Ontario’s election fight

    • I totally agree David. I have been keeping a sign in my back window of my car for over a year. It is a great conversion starter for those who are curious.

  1. These projects will increase Ontario’s annual electricity cost by a total of $ 263 million and will add $ 22 to the typical annual residential electricity bill.

  2. That’s great….now can I have you pay for my start up business too

  3. Not only is McGuinty ruining his career as premier but the complete Liberal party for many years to come. I hope a Liberal candidate comes knockin on my door looking for support !!!!!!!!!

  4. I think a simple sign – with the words –
    Mr. McGuinty – You Scare Me! –
    gets the message across……………..

  5. Good idea AJB, travelling with a sign in the back window of your car. Cheap advertising really.
    It gets the message ‘out & about’ as you travel & gets people thinking about the subject, because it`s the farthest thing from most peoples radar, if they or their close friends aren`t threatened personally.
    The more signs seen, the better for the cause.

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