Lambton Shores wind projects inch forward; rural residents divided

By Cathy Dobson, The Sarnia Observer

News that the Liberal government is giving a FIT, or Feed-In Tariff, to two large wind turbine projects near her family farm, has jolted Dona Stewardson out of “activist retirement.”

“This is an injustice to our community,” said the former Bosanquet politician, whose family has farmed in Lambton County since 1870. “I believe people on both sides of me have signed options (to lease land for turbines),” Stewardson said. “I have to fight this for my children and my grandchildren. There are not enough health studies yet to know if (turbines) are safe.” Read article

10 thoughts on “Lambton Shores wind projects inch forward; rural residents divided

  1. What exactly – does Mr. McGuinty do, for the citizens of Ontario?
    What’s his job description?

  2. While the contract is welcome news, it’s by no means a done deal.”

    sounds like a simple comment to avoid the release of the hound dogs so to speak. meanwhile backdoor deals are being done. Pathetic Liberals and greedy wind companies. If suncor were to be an honest company they would wait till the tribunal “final answer” but no , they will sign what they can so they at least have a contract to get bought out of and McGunty has amo to blame Hudak for “wastefull spending”. sure hope the majority sees the forest through the trees. I pray !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh yes, to be awarded a FIT contract, positively means it’s a done deal…….these companies have moved forward at a fast clip.

    Suncor and NextEra “only” have a responsibility, ‘to their shareholders’ – to make money.
    Theses corporations ‘owe nothing’ to the citizens of Ontario.

    When Mr. McGuinty was elected in 2003 – he promised not to ‘privatize’ and ‘deregulate’ Ontario’s electricity system.

    So what did the citizens of Ontario do? …..elected McGuinty to a second term.

    Under McGuinty, we have seen nothing but the destruction of our rights and freedoms.
    But, who cares?
    With a good advertising campaign, he might be back!

    • that’s correct…
      This is a statement made by Dwight Duncan,

      “It would be irresponsible for the province and tax-payers to continue to subsidize electricity consumption, because it jeopardizes our ability to invest in health care and education. This is simply not sustainable, nor is it acceptable. The people of this province deserve better.”

      Dwight Duncan (Ontario Hansard Volume B, November 26, 2003)

      I think the energy corporations set Dalton up to bring in for profit electricity and to adopt cap and trade right from the beggining. and dalton has used alternate energy as a way to do it.
      The only ones that benefit in the Fit direction as those that profit.
      We have an entire city of TO we can have on or side if we open their eyes to them being scammed by overpaying for electricity and subsidizing these people to set up and produce overpriced electricity…….they are effected if they use hydro.

  4. Events in the electricity sector sure started moving right after the 2003 election. FIT was developed by an ENGO and the strategies for the 2006 and the 2009 GEA legislations also came forth from

      • She`s an incredible asset for our cause Earnest! We`re very lucky indeed to have Barbara on our side. If only we could get all her info in a book,(or several)!

  5. Have a look at the Owen Sound Suntimes ….I am worried about too much pro McGuinty….can anyone have a look and comment there please

  6. To bad most of Lambton Shores councillors are only looking out for the farmers that get rewarded by Wind developers. They see with their wallets and tax coffers open for the green buck. most of the council members are deaf about the impacts on this form of energy. They are all a crying shame. They do nothing at all to try to stop this but the complete opposite.

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