Critique of Sierra Club of Canada’s “Report”

Critique of The “Real” Truth About Wind Energy An Analysis of the Potential Impacts of Wind Turbine Development in Ontario by the Sierra Club of Canada” by Wayne Gulden,

In passage after passage, all 51 of them, I showed where their research was incomplete, biased, sloppy, even borderline fraudulent. And after preparing this miserable excuse for a report, they then have the gall to present it to the world as the “Real Truth about Wind Energy”. The quicker this report dies the better, and not just because it is pro-wind energy. The Sierra Club could be a valuable resource in protecting – really protecting – our environment, but not given its current behaviour.

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  1. Wayne:

    That is an excellent report. You could be a lot harder on them and still be within bounds or propriety and correctness.

    I encourage everyone to read the report and his red-lined document.

    Reade his report! It is time well spent.

    If you ever want help with proof-reading or research ask around the community. I know I might have had some time to help.

    • Congrats!
      I enjoyed reading the in depth critique.

      Written in simple plain English so the ordinary person, such as myself, can understand – and not lose interest.

      You are a fabulous writer – there’s no doubt about it.

      Memo to SC: Gird your loins Sierra – this is one sexy critical review of your ‘softball’ performance on – Truth about Wind.

  2. Wow, great job Wayne. This should be presented to every council that John Bennett presents to, just that that they can have some balance to his “truth”.

  3. Sierra Club Canada was founded by Greenpeace members. Same situation pertains to the Green Party. Political activity is more important to the Sierra Club than the environment is. Environmental issues are used to obtain their political goals.

    Wayne,thanks for all the time and effort you put into reviewing the Sierra Club document.

  4. Good work Wayne. The silence of those that benefit financially from IWTs may in part have to do with the gag orders as well.

    • The citizens of Ontario that signed gag orders – I assume were adults, signed freely, and did not object at the time of signing.

      So now they have to remain silent.
      How clever of them.
      They can never ever speak!

  5. Please think twice about environmental groups, keep this in mind this fall.

    Whether these environmental groups were responsible for the Endanger Species Act or not I hold them totally responsible for Section 17 of the Ontario Endangered Species Act 2007, whereby the Minister of Natural Resources can issue permits to a proponent which will give proponent the ability to kill and destroy flying wildlife and habitat at their site location.

    This S.O.S. group has not come out of the wood work since the last election to condemn that part of Section 17 that allows the senseless slaughter of wildlife, why?

    I do not expect to be hearing anything soon from any environment group(s) anytime soon, telling the true story exactly the way it is. Environmental group(s) that sit back and do not do anything other than to watch what unfolds, with their hand out are’t worth anything, and are nothing more than promoters of Ontario’s Pretend Biodiversity. When it comes to biodiversity in Ontario, the government cannot suck and blow at the same time, you are either into it or you are not. We know for sure that the Queens Park Bandits are not.

    The S.O.S Group;

    THE GROUPS The Save Ontario’s Species (S.O.S.) coalition was formed in 2005 by five conservation groups – David Suzuki Foundation, Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature, Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now EcoJustice) and CPAWS-Wildlands League. The groups came together to support a major updating of the province’s outdated and ineffectual Endangered Species Act. The coalition worked over the course of approximately 18 months to capitalize on a commitment made by Dalton McGuinty, now Premier of Ontario, in the lead up to the 2003 provincial election. This commitment was made to the Ontario public in response to a pre-election query and stated:

    “We will update and strengthen Ontario’s Endangered Species Act. Our new Act will put in place effective measures to protect species at risk, including a science-based process to list species and help them recover, and meaningful protection for habitats. Protection of species is virtually meaningless unless there are also protections for the areas where they live, feed and breed.”
    LAYING THE GROUNDWORK After the 2003 election, the conservation groups were faced with the challenge of helping the Premier and his government to turn a campaign commitment into an effective law. The SOS coalition started by doing its homework. The coalition produced a “Best Practices” report based on reviews of endangered species legislation across Canada, the United States, Australia and Mexico. The report also included specific recommendations for improving Ontario’s legislation. By pointing to existing effective practices, rather than simply offering unproven recommendations, the report helped to demonstrate the practicality of the coalition’s proposals.

    • ……they are more like – lobbyists – too leftest for me.
      They know the ‘truth’ blah….blah…..blah – always referring to some bogus
      scientific report – environmentalism is the new communism

  6. We should be providing more stories on Mr Alias line… exposing links , causing eye brows to rise… get millions more on our side it has to be money , corruption and political conspiracy.
    You have to drop the bats and the birds……….you think someone standing at a food bank cares about that ?…..Or a family working several jobs to make ends meet.
    They are important but it won’t be a game changer.

    • If there is anything that will get Ontario out of this mess it will be the birds and the bats. People were standing in line long before wind turbines, and people will be standing in line, long after wind turbines, as sad as this is.

      What most people do not understand is the principle behind what’s going on. I am sure the day will come when all these Wind Turbines will become a thing of the past but the problem will be some other thing issue taking it’s place. Things need to be put into proper perspective, don’t combined issues with one another to avoid doing something about it.

      The only thing that people standing line have in common with Wind Turbines, is governments who cares more about big business than the people to whom they represent, and that’s a fact.

  7. A new low!

    Realizing their mistake – in a panic – 10:10 campaign tried to remove it from YouTube.
    No luck! Instead post an apology on their website:

    Sony and Kyocera, in good company with other corporations, are sponsors of the 10:10.
    Second thoughts? – Sony and Kyocera Mita no longer listed.

    In addition to Sony and Kyocera leaving 10:10,
    Caterpillar, ConocoPhillips, Deere & Co., Xerox and Marsh & McClennan
    have excluded themselves from the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP).

    YouTube’s new posting after pulling original
    You can view here without signing in.
    But, please be warned:
    graphically detonates school children and adults –
    who do not agree to be climate activists

  8. In addition to Sony and Kyocera leaving 10:10,
    Caterpillar, ConocoPhillips, Deere & Co., Xerox and Marsh & McClennan
    have excluded themselves from the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP).

    Welcome to the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) Web Site

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