Clarification of Ontario PC Party’s Plans for FIT Program

Download:  McMillan LLP Energy Law Update

Excerpt:  Any FIT Contract holders who do not yet have NTP (Notice to Proceed) at the time of a change in government, a PC Government would exercise its rights under Sections 2.4(a), (e) and (f) of the FIT Contract to terminate the FIT Contract, return the Completion and Performance Security, and pay the Supplier its reasonable Pre-Construction Development Costs (upon delivery of written documentation thereof).

17 thoughts on “Clarification of Ontario PC Party’s Plans for FIT Program

  1. Well then what are we waiting for, let’s have the election tomorrow. Its no wonder the larger wind companies are railroading their agenda.

  2. Not many days to go,but still lots of time to get the word out, that IWT’s are not a worthy instrument of power on this planet.

    Roll on common sence in Oct….

  3. You are missing the point….80% of the alternate electricity developments would go ahead…Hudak will NOT stop the ones in your area……..he must have pressure put on him to stop them all no grandfathering,,or repeal GEA altogether…..
    INDEPENDENT candidates,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Earnest, are you sure you`re reading it right? Doesn`t it say that any projects that aren`t approved to start construction, with a NTP, Notice To Proceed, meaning I think or maybe hope, that they have gone through all neccessary stages,approvals, consultations etc.
      And that takes time. More time than they have till Oct. 6/11.
      It`s only 3 mons. to go Earnest. I don`t think that many are at that final stage, are they?
      In all due respect Earnest, I don`t think it would be in our best interest, to go the INDEPENDENT route at this late date. I think we`re much better served to,like you say,put pressure on Hudac,to repeal the GEA & allow no grandfathering.
      Most importantly of all, I think, is to make it right with those who are already suffering from installed IWTs, by properly compensating them & tearing down the unwanted IWTs.
      That includes total removal of all concrete & replacement of topsoil, removal of roads etc.
      Hopefully, more clarity is still forthcoming from theTories on this issue. We`ll keep on them.

    • Ernest, where did you get this 80% figure? Not true at all. Even the Gilead Ostrander Point project doesn’t have their NTP yet.

  4. NTP or “Notice to Proceed” is just about the last step in the process. Most projects are nowhere near that. The vast majority will be scrapped come October 6. I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone how to vote but we need to stick to the facts and be very aware of what is at stake here.

  5. I hope I am misunderstanding it…..I am trying to get clarification from Hudak.
    It’s not the small FIt programs ..I am that concerned about

    • It appears this law firm went to Hudak and got crystal clear clarification. I’m not talking about the small projects either. The larger ones don’t get their NTP unless ALL hurdles and approvals are in place. Very, very few are there yet.

  6. What about returning planning to the local municipalities? Still no statement about that. @MA Not sure what you mean by small projects. Is your classification the same as the FIT and MicroFIT programmes?

    • John, the PCs have said over and over again that they would return local decisions on planning to municipalities:

      Personally, I don’t think that will solve all the problems as, in the past, the wind industry targetted local politicians for lucritive lease offers before the public even knew what was going on. Still…it’s better to have some accountability at the local level than centralized in Toronto.

      I was just responding to Ernest’s post about only talking about the small projects. I am speaking on all projects, large or small. If they don’t have their NTP by Oct 6, their contract will be cancelled.

      • The Tory ‘Change Book’ doesn’t mention anything about returning planning to the municipality. I would still like to see this included or further clarified. Politicians say a lot prior to elections and then tend to forget what they said once elected.

  7. You & your team of volunteers, have a lot to be proud of John!
    You`ve done absolutely amazing things, working your butts off for all Ontarions, Canadians and quite likely the entire world!
    This is no small victory, you`re working to acheive.
    It`ll be precedent setting worldwide, as they say Ont. is ground zero, in the war against useless IWTs.
    I can`t thank you enough John, and will be forever in your debt!
    You are truly amazing!
    Ditto, all the team of volunteers, I Thank You too!

  8. Well I have no reason to doubt your beliefs John..I hope all Hudak promises now will be kept.
    The pressure is building with papers and the stories they are printing, some very pro wind .where you saw very little before
    John have you considered running as a Independent?

  9. It may also be time to put pressure on council and if they have been compromised then we need to find ways to repalce them. I fear some in John Glover’s area are, including the CAO

  10. John Yacobuski was on Goldhawk yesterday, repeating all the PC talking points, no further FIT approvals, a moratorium, health study, and returning approvals to the municipality. Removal of the HST from hydro and heating bills, smart meter options, and debt charge retirement was also mentioned.

    In the meantime, can you say McGuinty’s Walkerton?–walkom-mcguinty-and-the-politics-of-a-deadly-infection?bn=1

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