Michael Trebilcock’s “Speaking Truth to Wind Power”

Download:  Speaking-Truth-to-Wind-Power

Michael Trebilcock, a Law and Economics Professor at the University of Toronto, recently studied the effects of Ontario renewable energy policies in regard to economic, environmental, and employment concerns. His findings conclude a re-propositioning of policies based on evidence in support of the energy consumer and taxpayer, and to avoid policy-making based on “political expediency or personal hubris” (Michael Trebilcock).  Read the Summary at Probe International

2 thoughts on “Michael Trebilcock’s “Speaking Truth to Wind Power”

  1. Still endorses carbon taxes to address environmental issues. Carbon taxes will be paid by consumers and drive up the cost of energy and food. Ontarians already pay too much in carbon taxes on the energy they use now without making the tax burden worse in the future.

    • No, No, No,
      read in the context of the entire idea proposed in support of carbon taxes –
      it would appear you have read – half a sentence.

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