MOE approval of Grey Highlands wind project faces court challenge

By Chris Halliday, Orangeville Banner

Preserve Grey Highlands Citizens Alliance Inc. is taking a Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) decision to task, requesting an Ontario divisional court quash the ministry’s approval of the Plateau Wind Project in the Municipality of Grey Highlands. In its application filed to divisional court on June 30, the citizens group claims the ministry failed to consider and properly apply the MOE’s Statement of Environmental Values (SEV) when issuing the Certificate of Approval on Sept. 2, and therefore, violated the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). Read article

2 thoughts on “MOE approval of Grey Highlands wind project faces court challenge

  1. Sadly, the MOE just rubber stamps – after the township deems it a “complete application” – and of course – after the threats (and there is evidence of that process) have been completed, it is deemed “a complete application”.

    So we are to assume the proponent driven “self screening” has addressed all the concerns – and of course – the secret deals with neighbours – is a sufficient way of gagging the appropriateness of the site (s) chosen.

    But, according to the MOE – you can sue if you like.

    Thank you – Mr. McGuinty

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