Green energy: Taxpayer shakedown

By Dave S. Dawdy, The Windsor Star  Re: Green energy creates many jobs, by Paco Caudet, July 4.

I read with amusement Mr. Caudet’s letter regarding the creation of green jobs. While I don’t wish to discuss the subsidies to his company specifically, it needs to be pointed out that the entire green energy industry is supported by massive subsidies and government interventions.

Everything involved – the price to be paid for the electricity, the production of the infrastructure, the zoning of land, etc. – has Ontario government fingerprints on it. Anyone involved is getting subsidized, directly or indirectly.

Green energy is a shakedown of current and future taxpayers. It would take far more space than is available to explain why this grand socialistic experiment will fail.

At any rate, no facts or reasoning will convince the hypnotized believers nor those economically involved that this whole thing is a scam. Only economic disaster for Ontario’s taxpayers and electricity customers will change some opinions.

The endless mess in Ontario’s electricity sector will only worsen. Mike Harris wanted the Ontario government out of the electricity business over a decade ago to avoid these boondoggles.

He will be vindicated.


23 thoughts on “Green energy: Taxpayer shakedown

  1. It’s all about OPM (Other People’s Money) from the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) !

    • The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) – should be disbanded – effective immediately!

  2. McGuinty Liberals own the ‘economic mess’.
    No excuses. Period.
    Playing the blame game is not going to work.
    The Liberals have been in power since 2003.
    That’s 8 years.
    The situation in Ontario is very serious – and Ontario citizens do not want elected officials – pretending anymore.
    Forget the promises.
    They can take their Liberal – crystal balls and tarot cards – and entertain themselves elsewhere.
    Socialistic Fantasies no more.
    Ontario citizens are clever people, and many appreciate the word ‘Freedom’ –
    and what it means to live in a Free Nation.
    The Party is Over!

  3. They have been media played for over 8 years, you can’t rule that out.
    Take the education sytem
    I like to zero in on them because they are ‘ educating ” children in the “environment”
    I was talking to an educator the other day , and it appears that person is brainwashed.
    So , you and I still have a lot of work to do.

    • Due to the potential loss of a great amount of renewable energy “investment” money it is to be expected that all the stops to get re-elected will be pulled out.

  4. As long as governments can mandate wind,solar,and etc. kinds of renewable energy it dosen’t matter if the electric companies are public or private as the results are the same. Renewable energy forced upon the people. Private companies mandated by governmnets to produce renewable energy. You get the same results.

  5. “Mike Harris wanted the Ontario government out of the electricity business over a decade ago to avoid these boondoggles.”

    By creating OPA, OPG, IESO, Hyrdo One, and all the other so-called “private” electrical energy operators, Mike Harris laid the foundation for the mess we’re in.

    Sir Adam Beck’s vision for a publicly owned and operated electrical generation and distribution system at the lowest possible cost as Ontario Hydro is what made Ontario a generater of energy effective and efficient industry with thousands of jobs which have recently been lost because of the “private” electrical industry’s greed in raising electrical costs to industries and forcing them to leave Ontario. The so-called green jobs don’t measure up to the electrical energy dependent, quality, well paid jobs which Ontario has lost.

    • Actually – I believe it was Maurice Strong (not Harris) that, conveniently got the ball rolling. The Liberals stepped up to the plate.
      The Liberals chose to go down this destructive path – and they own the destruction.
      You can do your own research.
      When I find mine – I will pass it along.
      I believe CUPE documented the entire affair.

    • Even if the old Ontario Hydro was still in place,the Green Energy Act could still have been enacted. Breaking up Hydro did not cause renewable energy to be forced upon the people. It would have just been done under the umbrella of the old Hydro with private wind developers allowed in.

      • I was under the impression – Hydro One, a Crown Corporation – is the transmission part –
        and, Ontario Citizens still own that part.
        What has changed @ Hydro One?
        The Ontario Power Authority “Hot Shots” – bully Hydro One now – with Liberal permission, of course…………..
        Have I got that right?

      • Sounds right to me Free Thinker.
        Most of the expense is due to ‘ministerial directives’ demanding the OPA instigate supply contracting, and Hydro One being demanded to oblige with transmission infrastructure.
        While one could argue that government meddling would be easier with only one body (Ontario Hydro – ish), the problem with that is the pubic employees with a history of delivering electricity are pretty clear about providing value (see A better Energy Plan, etc.)
        So I guess Harris can be blamed for enabling a dimwitted government to put energy pricing at the mercy of mercenaries disinterested in providing value, but really the core issue is the government doing so – not the structure of our electricity system.
        I’d also point out over 90% of our supply is contracted in advance – so again it is the implementation which has defeated the whole intent of introducing competition.

  6. It dosen’t matter which part is private and which is public as long as the Ontario Government has the authority to pass laws to govern all the parts. The government has the legal authority to impose renewable energy onto the public and it dosen’t matter if the people don’t want IWTs.

    • From your link:
      Under the Climate Change Act, the Government is legally bound to cut Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions by 34 per cent by 2020 and by 50 per cent by 2025. Ministers want the UK to meet the targets by building 10,000 wind turbines in the next decade.

      I didn’t know they had a Climate Change Act –
      ………probably hand delivered by the U.N.

  7. the UN…where half the countries want us blown off the face of the earth…doing a good job without firing a shot

  8. Speaking of Mike Harris — someone at the Globe thinks it’s the Liberals New Strategy to confuse and obfuscate…

    Ontario’s Liberals want to be clear about one thing. They really need us to understand what they’re saying, and they’re happy to say it over and over again. Because it’s important, guys. Some things just need to be spelled out plain as day. And what is that message from the Liberal Party of Ontario? Two words: Mike Harris.

    Mike Harris what, you might ask. Doesn’t matter. The answer is Mike Harris. How else can you explain Wednesday’s sudden outbreak of Mike Harris. Visiting the National Post editorial board, Liberal Dwight Duncan, Ontario’s Finance Minister, made very clear that Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is a clone of Mike Harris. Meanwhile, Ontario Liberal Jon Wilkinson, serving as Environment Minister in the Dalton McGuinty government, also had a Mike Harris sighting, but this time it was the shorter, blonder, femaler, left-wingyer version of Mike Harris: Provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath. That’s what she calls herself these days, anyway. She’s actually Mike Harris. Just like Tim Hudak, a.k.a. Mike Harris.

    That’s it — if we got rid of Mike Harris the “Wind Farms” would disappear! Problem solved. Thank Goodness we The McGuinty to guide us. Anyone know how much pension he will to receive?


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