Heartbreaking Story from Melancthon

Roger Oliviera spent an endless number of hours building his dream home in Melancthon. He just listed it with the real estate company a few weeks ago.

8 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Story from Melancthon

  1. How Dalton McGuinty dismisses his citizens. I recall at Queens Park the words spoken ” If an illness isn’t recognized, it doesn’t exist”. The people who are suffering do not exist to the government either. I am so sorry that so many people have and are suffering. I wish this government would agree to further studying health issues. There should not be anymore Wind Turbine refugees in Ontario, this is heartbreaking.

  2. It’s going to take more than us posting here back and forth to help people like this.
    And our cause.
    Look around and read the papers across the province.
    There is a huge push by pro alternate electricity ..very posts for our side. All across the province as if the opinions are being controlled..wake up people….we have to begin to do more..right now.

  3. People can take action. Continue writing letters to the editor to contradict this renewable propaganda that is inundating the media right now. Volunteer to work for the PC campaign in your region, attend the meetings and speak up! It is now or never.

  4. It’s so sad, younger people believe in green and we all believed the gov’t is there to protect our rights. It’s a shock to all of us that our gov’t is so self-centred that they don’t give a damn about real people. The greedy industry is controlling this dictatorship. Where are the liberal values that used to be there?

  5. Dear Roger,
    I’m on the ‘edge’ with you.
    I feel your pain.
    God Bless!

  6. My heart aches for you Roger, thank you for sharing. It is unbelievable the suffering that is being ignored by those who should be protecting us.

  7. The point is Barbara is lately there is a barrage of pro……it epidemic across Ontario in the last few weeks , some papers in Liberals riding will not print anything speaking out against the Liberals
    Papers that once printed at least both sides are not doing that lately

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