Report: Wolfe Island slaughter continues

Stantec has just released report #4, covering the 2nd half of 2010 on Wolfe Island. To read the executive summary you’d think the birds and bats were doing just fine. But, similar to reports #2 and #3, when you start digging into the numbers you find the slaughter continues, and in the case of bats, even accelerates. Stantec, being on the payroll of the project developer, is doing its best to put the best face it can on the numbers, but unfortunately that seems to include gaming them when necessary. I’ll get into specifics later, of course, but for now here’s my summary.

  • Birds: 54 carcasses found, adjusted to 703, an all-time high.
  • Raptors: 8 carcasses found, adjusted to 8.
  • Bats: 111 carcasses found, adjusted to 1878, an all-time high.
  • Winter raptor density: improved from a very poor 2009′s rate of 0.2/km to 0.7/km.
  • Notifications: 8, mostly for bats, none for raptors.  Read more

36 thoughts on “Report: Wolfe Island slaughter continues

  1. I would like to know what the bird kills for Harrow wind is, one year in and no information. Where are the numbers ? how do we access them? what are the numbers for Port Burwell?

  2. McGuinty Liberals on Notice!!!!!
    The Environment Bleeds for Green$

  3. You are correct, it’s better to not have any deaths of any sort but energy production (whatever the source) isn’t perfect. Nuke plants heat up lake water and mess up the aquatic life, coal energy results in blown up mountains, climate change/ ocean acidification and hydro power ruins habitats, kills fish etc.but I’m beginning to see that a combo of natural gas, wind solar, hydro and nuke is better than coal.

    Just look across our great lakes at what our neighbours are pumping into the air! It’s scandelous.

    Today the air is thick and it’s hard to get a full breath of air ( don’t have A/C) All this talk about birds and bats is making us forget about us humans. I doubt that air was this smoggy 300 years ago…..

  4. Jef, I’m getting a little tired of your baloney. “They” don’t make their decision on any such thing. No cost/benefit is made. Lumping starlings in with Eagles and averaging out the kills is ridiculous. Faulty, misleading logic.

  5. It’s called humidity, Jef. Not a recent invention. It’s been around for eons.

  6. Dear Jef,

    Wildlife kills by wind turbines would be zero if there were no wind turbines. We’d be better off without wind turbines for many other reasons as well. The website that is linked to this article provides sufficient background information to support this viewpoint ( )

    Comparing number of birds killed by turbines versus buildings and air travel is completely irrelevant. Air travel and buildings are part of modern life, whereas wind turbines are completely superfluous (i.e. “not necessary or relevant; uncalled-for; obsolete or extravagant in expenditure”.)

    • That is incorrect BOB. If we are going to criticize something like IWT’s then we should look at all aspects of our lives to put this argument into context.
      You can’t just go after one thing and leave the rest alone.
      If this is about bird kills, we should look at all factors responsible for bird kills.
      If it’s about price of electricity,we should look at all factors raising electricity
      If it’s about health.. you see what i’m getting at.

      I understand that this is a anti wind website, but don’t forget about the rest of man’s impact on the world.

      Also BOB, you say the IWT’s are irrelevant. What is this based on? And why do you accept buildings and airtravel as modern life but not accept something like an IWT? While most of society looked at airplanes with wonder when they were first put into use, they had their critics as well. Many people felt that it was immoral to fly….

  7. Wolfe Island’s IWT’s reported just 1MW of production in the previous 6 hours posted at the moment.
    It hits a lot more birds than it hits peaks in demand.

  8. take them down is the only way…..bag em up and send them to recycling.

  9. Jeff…actually you can pick something out and not like it ..
    You don’t have to talk about other things as well, one thing at a time. To have the same quality of life I have,
    i want to leave the next generation a chance to earn a living , where they can go to the countryside and not have it look like an industrial wasteland
    Jeff if you had a bad neighbour making noise all the time to the point you were getting ill you have a place to go, bylaw officer or police, those on the ine of fire of IWTs have no place to turn , violence is the only means left for them
    I also feel that handing us as a captured to business to profit is also wrong.
    So lets compromise instead of McGuinty pouring 20 billion into alternate electricity why not use that money to provide excellent subsidies or low interest long term loans so we can adopt new energy forms.
    Jeff unless you are profitting from this industry…then it negavitely affects you.
    Costs are too high , so you drive manufacturing out of Ontario or you have to subsidize it , you have no rights anymore , , it’s not reliable enough . so you have to build power generating facilities to pick up the slackand they look like rubbish and sound like it. So it’s a lose lose for you too.

  10. “Today the air is thick and it’s hard to get a full breath of air ( don’t have A/C) All this talk about birds and bats is making us forget about us humans. I doubt that air was this smoggy 300 years ago…..”
    Smitherman who suffers from asthma does not understand the illness if he thinks Industrial Wind Turbines will cure him.
    Why do promoters of Industrial Wind Turbines want more bird/bat deaths? Do they not comprehend that tall buildings in cities are at least zoned so that airspace usage is condensed? Industrial Wind Turbine development will take many acres of farmed, natural lands and perhaps waterways. These will slice through migration routes as well.
    Industrial Wind Turbines are a crap form of electrical generation whose ends do not justify its means.

  11. The end is to get someone on the other end of your hydro bill making a lot of money..and you thinking it’s a good thing.

  12. Exactly what we have been pushing for……………exactly this.
    I know many troll this my comments are posted knowing this.
    This fight is bigger than me , than our group…than a lot of other issues.
    We have to understand that lately the media is being controlled….they are beginning to post only pro alternate electricity posts and columns across the province.
    That site is what we should run in a large newspaper on a WEEKEND….put the solution out there and begin expose the links , ties , corruption that is being used to hand a captive market to the electricity carperbaggers….we have a better way that benefits Ontarians , not just a few people wanting to make a fast buck.

  13. You are right, the pressure differential causes pulomnary edema in the bats and they die.

  14. With regards to numbers I don’t think anyone has a good idea of what mess IWTs are doing. There is no recognition for the wounded birds and bats flying off to die outside the study area? The White-nose disease may not have been a problem within a healthy population of bats with healthy lungs. There will be bats that lungs are not damaged significantly enough to cause instant death but death by infection as will there be birds clipped enough to injure them, but not enough to kill them within the study area. Where are the wounded but not killed in Stantec’s estimates?

    As for the cost benefit analysis it was probably done by OPG when they built their one IWT. Ever wondered why they stopped at one?

    • As I understand – Ontario Power Generation (OPG) was barred from
      participating in the Request For Proposals (RFP) process.
      Unfortunately, I do not have the info to pass along, at this time.

    • The mandate of OPG was set out in a memorandum of understanding in 2005 that included:
      “5. OPG will not pursue investment in non-hydro-electric renewable generation projects unless specifically directed to do so by the Shareholder.”

      good thing too
      Wolfe Island’s IWTs have not registered above 0MW for the past 36 hours

  15. Sorry Jef. You must be sheltered under mythes and wivestales. The hot spell we had dried everything up ” drier than a popcorn fart” those of us that live outside or the lawn sprinklers and such know this.
    I love the
    “Also, the whole bird/bat thing won’t have any weight with the powers that be since they make their decisions based on cost/benefit ratios”
    that is admitting that numbers are fudged and contorted and disconfigured such as the liberals figure they have a chance to win the next election. lol better yet lmfao. loser pencil pushers doing whatever they need to do to keep a paycheck coming at the expense of anyone else. you would probably sell your mother out too . Oct 7 I hope youre looking for a job . remember these words ” get a life loser” or you prefer ” want fries with that” . whatever it be if you continue to believe that IWTs will solve the worlds CO2 issue you better start mounting one on your roof as well cause there isn’t enough real estate to support the demand of this world. I cant understand how you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning Jef. even youre name sounds feminine. Ah thats it

  16. The Gap proposal needs tweeking..since Dalton can spend 28 Billion in the next 10 years on “alternate” electricity..well it is our money , 100% or good subsidies should be made available for the average Ontarian.
    Some of the Gap proposal is environmental babble but ..people believe it after 8 years of brainwashing so why start from scratch.
    The general idea is there.

  17. I agree with you Jef. “All this talk about birds and bats is making us forget about us humans”. The entire wind industry has forgotten about us rural humans. If we mattered, they wouldn’t build them so close to our homes. Although one bat or bird killed by a wind turbine is one too many, we must not forget about all the people worldwide who are suffering the effects of being forced to live in the industrial wind turbine zones. I wish all your colleagues in the wind industry had your “humans first” attitude. Anything less is unacceptable.

  18. Jef, I think you need to do some more research if your interested in knowing the truth, if not, then buy a tape recorder if you want to hear yourself speak and as well wind turbines “produces emission free energy”, I have some home work for you to complete, please read 2ND in it’s entirety;



    For starters;
    Energy consumption in wind facilities

    Large wind turbines require a large amount of energy to operate. Other electricity plants generally use their own electricity, and the difference between the amount they generate and the amount delivered to the grid is readily determined. Wind plants, however, use electricity from the grid, which does not appear to be accounted for in their output figures. At the facility in Searsburg, Vermont, for example, it is apparently not even metered and is completely unknown [click here].* The manufacturers of large turbines — for example, Vestas, GE, and NEG Micon — do not include electricity consumption in the specifications they provide.

    Among the wind turbine functions that use electricity are the following:†
    – yaw mechanism (to keep the blade assembly perpendicular to the wind; also to untwist the electrical cables in the tower when necessary) — the nacelle (turbine housing) and blades together weigh 92 tons on a GE 1.5-MW turbine

    – blade-pitch control (to keep the rotors spinning at a regular rate)

    – lights, controllers, communication, sensors, metering, data collection, etc.

    – heating the blades — this may require 10%-20% of the turbine’s nominal (rated) power

    – heating and dehumidifying the nacelle — according to Danish manufacturer Vestas, “power consumption for heating and dehumidification of the nacelle must be expected during periods with increased humidity, low temperatures and low wind speeds”

    oil heater, pump, cooler, and filtering system in gearbox

    hydraulic brake (to lock the blades in very high wind)

    thyristors (to graduate the connection and disconnection between generator and grid) — 1%-2% of the energy passing through is lost

    magnetizing the stator — the induction generators used in most large grid-connected turbines require a “large” amount of continuous electricity from the grid to actively power the magnetic coils around the asynchronous “cage rotor” that encloses the generator shaft; at the rated wind speeds, it helps keep the rotor speed constant, and as the wind starts blowing it helps start the rotor turning (see next item); in the rated wind speeds, the stator may use power equal to 10% of the turbine’s rated capacity, in slower winds possibly much more

    using the generator as a motor (to help the blades start to turn when the wind speed is low or, as many suspect, to maintain the illusion that the facility is producing electricity when it is not particularly during important site tours) — it seems possible that the grid-magnetized stator must work to help keep the 40-ton blade assembly spinning, along with the gears that increase the blade rpm some 50 times for the generator, not just at cut-in (or for show in even less wind) but at least some of the way up towards the full rated wind speed; it may also be spinning the blades and rotor shaft to prevent warping when there is no wind.

    Jef you will have to read the rest on your own!

  19. Fascinating. When are any of you going to speak to the actual situation on Wolfe Island, and the forthcoming environmental destruction on Amherst Is and Prince Edward County Oostrander Point. Why does the government insist on siting large developments in the most ecologically fragile migratory and staging sites for birds? Why does the government act contrary to its own recommendations in the Helimax report? Wolfe Island’s disgraceful ongoing mortality was predicted by government, industry (one in the same) and environmental groups. Stantec (which might as well be a government organization, since most of its employees are former MOE contractors) predicted this mess. The Wolfe Island situation should go to the environmental commissioner.

    • The EC , he just thinks you should pay even more for everything….

    • Gord Miller is convinced that Renewable Energy is “The way to Go!” — way to go Gord!…

      He’s part of the problem — seems unable to do elementary math or stats — or he would realize that birds and bats are being chopped up for NOTHING!

      Ignorance is bliss — I guess! Maybe innumeracy is not far behind.

  20. GM is taking 2000 jobs south , mining companies are already being given subsidies because electricity costs were forcing them to close down. Many more to follow.
    Small business just quietly goes under.
    Lets take something essential in our lives like hydro , and instead of all of us paying for it because it is an essential utility..why don’t we just sell it off for nothing so that corporations can make some money….afterall , that will be better.
    Look to oil speculation…yes that’s what we need.

  21. Just another issue here… If people really want to think that Gordon Miller is an expert on Smart Grids and Power Transmission systems — they really should read his BIO…
    Commissioner Miller received his BSc (Hon.) in Biology from the University of Guelph in 1976, and his M.Sc. in Plant Ecology in 1978.

    He is a scientist — Biology and Plant ecology. So we can assume he has the math and stats skills to look at the production numbers for IWT systems — so why no comments from him? Why does he not point out the obvious — that they are essentially useless. Is he an adherent to a special religion? Green Gaia maybe?

    Most of his current writings seem to be about a price for Carbon, Power Grids and Smart meters — subjects which I am pretty sure I am more qualified to write about than him.

    Look for my next paper or book — I’m going to write about Plant Ecology — since the field seems to be deficient of trained writers — maybe I’ll toss in the effect of Smart Meters on Plants… Not qualified you say? Hey — look at the competition — they’re now “experts” in my field — they have vacated theirs — I sense a hole in the market… I sense some expertise coming on…

  22. That’s a little unfair David … it’s $135/MWh for FIT winners, plus we pick up the grid costs and give the requisite back-up gas plants capacity payments totaling about $1million per day. Your price paid is way too low.
    … and I went back and checked the average HOEP price/MWh of wind generation (Ttl Wind X HOEP / Ttl Wind), and it hasn’t been at $35 since 2008.
    $29.07 in 2009, $33.53 in 2010 and a meager $27.59 in 2011.
    Your price, for sold at, is high too!

    But even that exaggerates the value. The last 2 days were the 2nd and 4th highest demand volumes of 2010 – and Wolfe Island is now at 50 hours with the hourly output reporting stuck at “0”.
    The site is bereft of value. I am solidly against it.

    A black swan event is interrupting a needless bird slaughter.

    Maybe I’m thinking about it all wrong though. Maybe the lack of performance in weather extremes is part of their efficiency as killing machines.

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