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Duguid & his mascot, Jutta

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Enough is enough. Since the first industrial wind project started in Ontario in the riding of Grey Bruce held by Liberal Carol Mitchell, constituents have been begging her to do something about the serious harm to their health. They asked for help plain and simple. Help did not come. What did come in buckets was criticism of people suffering unbearable health problems because wind turbines were operating near their homes.  Read article

8 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. Jutta Splettstoesser….truly are misguided. Green , nothing green about turbines. Looking for a monthly cheque courtesy from the McGuinty government….this surely must be your true motive. Does the fact of an unsustainable FIT program coupled with a useless network of unmanageable and dangerous turbines which do little to reduce Ontario’s carbon footprint make you lose sleep at night.
    You have mentioned you visit this site and read the posts……come on reply to this one….explain your thoughts on the collateral damage these turbines cause.

    • Jutta dear dosen’t understand the the natural weather conditions under which IWTs operate in Ontario are much different than the natural weather conditions that IWTs operate under in Northern Europe.

  2. I – Wanna be a Rock Star, – Jutta Splettstoesser –
    What the heck is she complaining about?

    Jutta under the microscope:
    “go in front of our council (May 2, 2011) and disrespect, discredit and dismiss the 11 members of her community who have been consistently asking for help”.

    What motivated her to do this?
    This calls for deep thought analysis!

    Rock Star, Jutta – complains ‘she’s being victimized’.
    I hope she’s kidding!

    When’s her next performance?
    …….Brad on the bus with Jutta: Ha! Ha! Ha!

  3. Even more disgusting are the creeps in provincial ministries, ie Brad Duguid, Carol Mitchell, John Wilkinson, who promote people like Jutta. Honestly, the woman does more good for our cause than harm. Have you ever heard her stand up and speak? She’s perfect for the wind industry!! She spews lots of words out and doesn’t make a lot of sense even if you are trying to follow her ‘train of thought’.

    • Well then Jutta and DuGuid will communicate well together because the rest of rural Ontario cant understand them

    • They’ll use her until somebody “more idiotic” comes along.

  4. Here is a wind company employee responding to Sandy’s letter. It’s difficult to know where to start with an attitude like this.
    “Dear Editor:
    In Sandy MacLeod’s recent letter, she states: “Victims of the harm inflicted by industrial wind complexes do not have to prove anything.”
    Well, actually, they do – they have to establish some link, no matter how tenuous. They have to show some degree of causality between wind energy and their real or imagined health problems.
    So far, they’ve been unwilling or unable to do that. It would be interesting to know what it is about using wind as a fuel that makes people claim health issues, but not other means of generating electricity.
    I never hear complaints that solar panels cause health problems. How could they? I never hear that coal, oil and gas plants may be the cause of these health problems, despite the clear and provable link between health problems and the burning of fossil fuels.
    It’s important that the community be aware: anyone can make unfounded allegations, especially if they’re looking for a payday like selling property to a utility.
    What I’d like to see is some evidence, any evidence, that there is a link between wind turbines and health.

    Jonmark Pierce,
    PMP (Professional Project Manager)

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