NA-PAW announces appointmen​t of CEO

Congratulations Sherri!

July 12, 2011 — The North American Platform Against Windpower has appointed Sherri Lange as CEO.  Lange is Founding Director of Toronto Wind Action , Executive Director, Canada, of Great Lakes Wind Truth (cofounded with Tom Marks, Executive Director, U.S.), and Vice President, Canada, of Save the Eagles International.

Having successfully pushed for the Ontario Offshore Moratorium, and her organizations having effected the moratoria for two cities near Toronto and the largest regional conservation authority in Ontario (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority), she is now working with other Ontario groups, such as Manitoulin and Central Huron and other vulnerable and at-risk communities around the Great Lakes and Basin.  She is also working to make sure that the adverse impacts of industrial wind energy are a prominent issue in the upcoming provincial election.

Under her leadership, NA-PAW will serve as an organizing tool for groups fighting industrial wind development throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Lange will be working closely with the European Platform Against Windfarms, who recently named Mark Duchamp of Save the Eagles International as its CEO. EPAW represents 484 signatory organizations from 22 European countries.

Since 2009, 65 groups and businesses from the USA and Canada, as well as supporters from elsewhere around the world, have added their names to NA-PAW’s call for a *Wind Energy Reality Check*.

NA-PAW welcomes all organizations and businesses in North America who:

• oppose individual wind energy or transmission line proposals;
• question the effectiveness of wind power in helping to solve our energy problems;
• work to protect wildlife and landscapes from industrial wind power development; and/or
• fight the damage of wind energy facilities to tourism, the economy, and people’s quality of life, health, and amenity.

Under Lange’s leadership, NA-PAW will expand to become an effective and powerful voice for the truth about industrial wind energy.

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6 thoughts on “NA-PAW announces appointmen​t of CEO

  1. The election has begun, newspapers are beginning to post pro wind articles across the province.
    We need all our efforts exposing corruption , connections , and just plain lying.
    We have 8 years of media manipulation and brainwashing to deal with.
    If you are fighting this ONLY because it’s wind turbines…shut the site down , go home and watch TV…you are done.
    Point is you need a common issue. ….I would be interested in knowing what you all think the next step should be.

    • The next step is always around the corner, EH. When I retired four years ago, I had a vision of what my retirement would look like: taking care of my small farm and horses. Never planned for the first year lobbying Federal, Provincial and Municipal Politicians to protect my pension. Just when that issue appeared (for the moment) to be resolved, along came the wind turbines. Now the lobby work became a precursor for the same. I have confronted McGuinty, Duguid, and others face to face. I have knocked on half the doors in the community. I have helped shut down public meetings and argued face to face with OPP. None of these activities were on my “to do” list.

      So now I knock on doors again on behalf of the local PC candidate, even though and because my neighbour of 25 years is the Liberal MPP. He will not stand by his community, so he is
      going to fail.

      But tomorrow’s fight is going to be with gravel pit operators, who are watching the green energy fight, and are demanding similar environmental fast tracks. And right behind them are the waste disposal folks…..

      My best hope for getting back to the farm is determining the winner on October 6th. And if McGuinty is still in power on October 7th, I have failed.

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