Arran Wind project slows, but is still on

By Mary Golem, Owen Sound Sun Times

Work on the 115-megawatt Arran Wind Project “has slowed down, but the commitment is still there to continue,” a representative of Leader Resources Services Corp. said Monday.  Heather Boa, communications manager for Leader Resources, the wind energy developer of the Arran project, said the company was “shocked” to learn the Arran Wind Project was not among the list of approved renewable energy contracts announced by Ontario’s Energy Minister Brad Duguid and Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell last week.  Read article

10 thoughts on “Arran Wind project slows, but is still on

  1. Reading between the lines, Liberal MPP currently in power = wind project cancelled. Dream on Duguid and McGuinty, I am sure fustrated resident although happy IWT’s in there area are deferred, will not forget their sisters and brothers still battleing the GEA. Liberals are going down!!

  2. 11 of the 25 projects the OPA approved are in Maria Van Bommel’s riding ; yet, in her recent “mailing” to residents she had not one word about “green energy” let alone the 11 wind projects that she helped to facillitate – I guess it’s an accomplishment she’s not very proud of. Oh well, the Liberals know the riding is lost and have cut her loose.
    Perhaps Mitchell and Wilkinson are next to walk the plank.
    Only the “cream of the cream” will be left of the party.

    • As David Caplan announced today that he would not be running for re-election in October, pretty soon the only ones left at Queen’s Park will be Dalton and the cafeteria ladies.

  3. I just had a creative thought!

    You’d think – anything shrouded in secrecy – resulting in gag orders –
    would prompt citizens – to ask – if they are participating in anything
    That’s my opinion.

    It is yet to be determined whether the Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150) is
    “Ultra Virus” or Illegal.
    There could be huge financial losses for participants.

    • In the paper ,”Lightning Exposure Of Wind Turbines” May 2006, by Dolan,Sao & Lehn the lightning strike rate/turbine/year in Denamrk is 1.33% with lightning density at 0.35/year. Ontario with lightning density~3.5-6 is at least 10 times that of Denmark. So with 10 x 1.33% = 13.3%. With any luck Ontario could be rid of turbines in ~7.5 years?

      • But dosen’t the above information imply that the investment risk/loss in Ontario IWTs due to lightning damage is also much greater than in Denmark since the Ontario lightning strike / sq. km is in the range of ~10-15 times greater than Denmark’s 0.35 strikes/ Ontario is ~3.5-6/

  4. What is the investment risk if the government, sorry ratepayer, subsidizes your investment at x4 the cost of production, pays you irrespective of demand, and allows full capital depreciation in 4 years?

    Lightening struck when PCs released the “Changebook”. Would you spend another penny on a project that might or might not get approval by an OPA that might or might not exist courtesy of a government that might or might not get elected? Feeling lucky?

    Liberals are starting to fail. They are now down to 58 incumbents fighting to keep the 54 seats needed to hold onto government. I know one of those 58 is doomed. The polls continue to trend:

    • Wind developers need to raise capital/money for IWT installations. Investors look at potential risk factors in making investments/putting out money. Damages to IWTs caused by lightning is an inportant risk factor and directly related to the lightning density in any given location. The more lightning the more potential investment loss and this can now be quantified.This information should also be disclosed to investors

  5. Lib may not be easy to put out of misery.

    2007 – elected with 45.95% – 20469 votes
    – 2nd place had 30.54% – 13606
    – SWITCH ~ 3500 votes from 1st to second

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