Stayner Residents don’t want wind turbines

by Michael Gennings,

STAYNER – An open house hosted by Wpd Canada regarding its proposal to erect eight wind turbines just west of Stayner attracted several hundred people late Wednesday afternoon.  The majority of those that attended the session, held at the Stayner Community Centre, were against the project. Read article

19 thoughts on “Stayner Residents don’t want wind turbines

  1. Oh my. Sounds like the perfect storm. Wonder if the police were there…you know to check on all of us opponents. Listening to the wind goblledegook. Kevin Surette’s double talk about airport safety and wpd experts on the topic. What a tool. And Splettstoesser there too. I guess her kermit shirt was in the wash.

    • “The only true pro-wind person The Sun found at the open house – aside from Wpd representatives – was Jutta Splettstoesser, a mother of four from Kincardine, Ont. ”
      But, but, but Jutta, I thought the majority of Ontarians support wind energy, so where are they?

  2. Warning!
    The private corporate takeover of Ontario.
    Buyer Beware!

      • Ernest,
        I can’t even save myself.
        We have to abandon our home too.

        Everyone knows what is going on –
        it’s a political jamboree –
        only the players are different – for each case.

        I very strongly believe – a powerful hedge fund –
        will end up – in control – of Ontario energy
        Duguid has referred to Ontario – as a ‘global leader’ in energy.

        And, we will experience blackouts and brownouts – just because they can.
        Citizen safety does not matter anymore.
        It happened in California – it will happen here.
        California never recovered. They’re still bankrupt.

        ……it’s difficult to explain.
        Ontario needs strong leadership to turn things around –
        – provided, it is not too late.

        Lastly, I am no expert!

  3. Great shirts. Glad to see people standing together. THIS is Ontario citizens strength; not people having to wait for doomsday when Industrial Wind Turbines will invade their property, devalue their land, tax their health and make them pay for it.

  4. It is not enough..we have to uncover the connections and the corruption then ensure they are accountable

  5. Free Thinker…..can you elaborate. the sell out .. because it is now making sense. These guys came to power from somewhere had a hidden agenda and are now trying to complete it…

    • Ernest,
      I will explain – just have to run off……
      for a bit.

  6. Keep up the good work, folks. When you get John Podesta, from the Center for American Progress referring to the opposition in Ontario to ‘clean energy’, you know you are making a dent. By the way, he provided Environmental Defense and WWF (his sponsors for the Toronto evernt) with talking points for the duration of the election campaign. I smell desperation.

    • I forgot to add that the head of the WWF-Canada is Mr. Gerald Butts, former Principal Secretary to Dalton McGuinty.

    • Lynne:

      I just read that article and quite frankly I am not happy:

      Just as Ontario has taken the lead on clean energy in Canada, some U.S. states have become clean energy leaders in their own right. Like Ontario, California approved smart public policies to dramatically lower their global warming pollution and expand the state’s market for clean energy projects and businesses. And like Ontario, a well-organized opposition arose, financed by entrenched special interests, that spread misinformation and fear about the impact those policies would have on California.

      If this opposition is so blankety-blank well financed — where is my blinking cheque? Who’s holding out? Did John buy a new Mercedes with all the cash pouring in? What gives?

      • Personally David, I intend to jet over to Greece and see if I can pick up an island or two with my share.


      • I thought we were talking about Stayner … how did we get to Greece?

  7. I was at the protest. I thought the turnout was great. I intend on phoning and e mailing those politicans and letting them know this is not acceptable in my community.

    But there are a few issues. The information is not getting out there to some people. I will give you an example of one Stayner man and the conversation I overheard today. He mentioned that Clearview Nursery has a tower with a red light so why is he against turbines. He obviously doesn’t know there is an airstrip there. He also tried to downplay the opposition. One of the news stations (I assume A channel) showed the people leaning against the fence. He assumed that the other people on the other side of the fence were neutral and not involved with the protest which was not true. In addition, he also mentioned the choice between nuclear and wind. I did not know if we don’t develop the wind project in Clearview that we are opening up a new nuclear plant. Our nuclear plants are not like Chernobyl. He also mentioned the protesters are weekenders and that is about jealousy that everybody who is protesting just wants their own turbine and a piece of the pie. He also mocked the people who were protesting the noise of turbines. He said the planes in protest made more noise. He obviously does not understand the issue and I doubt he is willing to learn. But there is some good news. When the other person he was talking to asked him if he went to the “meeting” to support the turbines, he said no.

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