Do your part to defeat the McGuinty Liberals

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  1. 14 members of the liberal party have retired before the oct. 6th election. they know the end is near for dalton and his gang of incompetent members of the provincial government.

  2. But might Liberals form a government with NDP and Greens?

  3. We have to put money into this guys and gals….we have to become a powerful lobby and that takes advertising and money..we have to do it NOW

  4. As we`ve discussed here before Earnest, advertising ,especially on T.V. & in all relevant newspapers, does indeed take big money. Too bad we don`t really have big oil on our side, as suggested by phoney, pretend, environmentalist types. Big Oil is Big Wind. They are one & the same, as you know. The public needs to know that too !
    We need a deep pocketed union to do more advertising. As the pro-nuke Power Workers union, has done a bit of, in the past. They get it !
    Also, any trade unions, concerned about securing plentiful work opportunities for their members, would be wise to promote a new Conservative provincial government. They are of course, the only party capable of putting Ont.back on track, from the Libs.have-not status, back to our place as the economic engine of our great country.
    So I guess my ?`s would be, how can we encourage such groups to get on board, with advertising dollars? How can we raise $$ ourselves, to advertise? What can each of us do, as individuals, to help the cause, from now till Oct.6/11 ?

  5. You are fighting 8 years of media campaign using the environment to turn us over , a captured market to business to profit from.
    It’s not about alternate electricity production. done properly is and can be a good thing.
    Lets say you had a water coop for years that the people ran and paid for to provide everyone affordable access to water. The along came GG convenience store, saw the potential to make money on this product and over time put people into governmnet that would break apart this coop so that instead of the people , all people , benefitting by having this affordable , it now became a product on their store shelves to sell….no longer is water priced affordably but at prices GG convenience store sets….The publis is told how expensive it was to pay for and how much cheaper it would be to allow GG convience store to provide water, and that through competition , water would be cheaper. But GG conevience store has a monopoly on water , so it will never be cheaper……… we are locked in to the prices GG convenience store sets. And they set them through who else? But the people they ensured would run government.
    So we are giving away the store …by confusing the true issues. It’s not about birds , bats, air quality , pollution , CO2 emissions.
    It’s about who delivers electricity…………..we are being robbed.
    Electricity should be run as a cooperative where homes , businesses , farms could have solar on their rooftops ….they are not destroying thousands of acres of landscape , geothermal to lower electriicity demand and other means of producing electricity. You use what you need the rest goes out and the excess is sold to put back into our system.
    That’s the overall concept.
    We take the money the Liberals are subsidizing business with our tax dollars and use it to begin with providing grants , no interest loans and subsidies…
    Can you imagine the job boom in this industry when you consider how many places you could place solar on barns , condos , business rooftops …..ot geothermal….this is but a few means of producing energy….All done over a 10 year time period.
    There are thousands of jobs in manufacuring , installation , service…….local long term jobs.
    It takes our dependence away from fossil fuels to some degree at the same time.
    You and I know large scale developments with destroy our province as we know it , the FIt programs are cheating people ….and hurting people but a few.
    I was up north the other day , when I began seeing hotels and motels with solar on the rooftops…you don’t even notice them..and when the technology for storage evolves people can one day see a future of total self sustainability.
    We have an entire industry that could be on our side , we have people sold on renewables that we could have on our side. And we have the poor sucker asking the United Way for money to pay their hydro bill on our side…………….
    The entire 8 years has been a media campaign to take the focus off the Ontario Liberals giving our electricity system away …it’s not about anything else.
    There is not one group , not WWF , not the Sierra Cub , Suzuki Foundation , Environmental Defence that could argue against this plan.
    You don’t think you could sell this to millions of Ontarians…..?
    The FIt businesses and the large corps won’t like it …………….
    One last part..we cannot allow local councils to have the final say in planning either.
    There must be a public referndom based vote to avoid pay offs and corruption.. a few people elected for a short term should not have the power or right to mess us up for a lifetime.
    We have 2 months…

  6. Conservatives do not have a good track record with recognizing the benefit of worker Unions. Considering the cuts to public services they have in mind some would think it is ok, but few from the sunshine list would be targeted. Governments take off the easy targets which include lower paid union positions of which most will be women such as clerks or caregivers. Those positions provide a direct service to the public and most likely the people in those positions live within and support communities. It is not typically the sunshine list positions of which are nothing more than political mouth pieces and the ones that should be gone. A government that prioritizes transparency is needed so the public can see for themselves the true cost of industrial wind and industrial solar. There are smaller applications in which the green technology would help, but that is being overshadowed and pushed aside to industrialize a technology into something it cannot be by larger multi-national corporations.

    • that is it…right on.
      That is the media spin…it takes focus off the real agenda
      What possible benefit is for profit FIt programs and large industrial wind developments at the prices we are paying?………None
      They are buying Muskoka cottages..and we are going to food banks.
      That is the Ontario Liberal party in a nutshell

  7. Ernest is on track on where green technology would help. Efforts to move towards energy independence locally are important as it reduces demand for transmission lines, a large cost in our electricity bill. It would also reduce our dependence on multi-national companies. Reducing transmission costs by keeping IWT produced electricity local is sensible so why is IWT electricity shipped somewhere else? If IWT companies had to keep their power locally it would expose how useless IWTs are at providing electricity to consumers. By shipping the sporadic pieces of IWT generated electricity into the larger grid mix they can hide the IWTs short comings.

  8. There is great benefit to us all if renwable energy is planned correctly.
    There is billions walking out of pockets lining an ECO industry that should be used to aid Ontarians in adopting it.
    Our money is feeding an industry that is built on soaking us dry…
    Add to that the corporate tax breaks…we pay those taxes as they are passed on to us on our bills.
    Corporations put stress on our infrastructure , roads and power system…it should pay taxes.
    Do you think we will see the benefits of the tax breaks ?..hardly.
    My scotiabank fees have gone up over 30% in a year..from 12.95 to 16.95
    It all adds up.
    And I agree , the people that should have salary caps and should have a long hard look at bonuses , never do…it’s outrageous…we nickel and dime the front line worker.
    But we do need to trim the fat McGuinty has created.
    I’m all for wage increases by the way for the worker sector.

  9. That’s what I am talking about , if we all donated $5-$10-$20-or even $100 , whatever you can … once or twice for the next 2 months…you’d get that money back in stress relief , hydro fees and start showing this liberal bunch we have teeth….no more raping our province

  10. A good idea IF you can do it.

    My stress relief comes from driving 16 km away, @ $5/night, from the 18 IWT Zone EVERY night just so I can get a peaceful sleep.

    For 6 months last year, while renting an apt in Delhi, I paid utility bills + the $10/trip return to my toxic house each day because that is where all my STUFF is.

    There’s not any ” whatever you can” left after almost 3 years of trying to survive the onslaught of 18 IWTs surrounding the house.

    I will continue to drive to other communities however to support their work as often as possible.

  11. Can’t happen unless we do it.
    It is getting harder to get the WC side out in the papers lately……and there is a concentrated effort by lobbyist to attack the peopel and question them

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