Vast wind energy proposal could kill endangered birds

By Laura Zuckerman, Reuters

The Obama administration is evaluating a plan to allow a 200-mile corridor for wind energy development from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico that would allow for killing endangered whooping cranes.

The government’s environmental review will consider a permit sought by 19 energy developers that would permit turbines and transmission lines on non-federal lands in nine states from Montana to the Texas coast, overlapping with the migratory route of the cranes.  Read article

2 thoughts on “Vast wind energy proposal could kill endangered birds

  1. As a US citizen who voted for and even gave money to Obama, I am embarrassed.

    “Fish & Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe said wind energy is crucial to the nation’s future economic and environmental security, which is why the agency is paving the way for a renewable energy project with an undetermined number of wind turbines generating an unidentified amount of electricity along the 200-mile-wide corridor.” I cannot imagine what Dan Ashe is thinking. Wind energy isn’t crucial to anything but the developers pockets. The Americans are making the same mistake McGuinty is making here, and that several European countries have already made.

    What is it about humans that makes them so prone to repeat mistakes?

    You can imagine my response when the democrats continue to call, asking for more money.

    • If the” price” is right then birds and bats don’t matter!

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