Cayugafest parade and information booth

1 thought on “Cayugafest parade and information booth

  1. The float and those that walked along side handing out pamphlets were well received with only the odd detractor. At the booth, we had a fair number of people stop and get informed. It’s a fairly easy sell; the truth speaks for itself. A little boy picked up a page that had a report and picture of the wind turbines destroyed by a tornado in Minnesota. He was astonished by it. Somebody in grade one can figure it out, but the McGuinty government can’t–you don’t place turbines blade length plus 10 metres from a road.

    Other revelations came forth. One person had to move out of the existing six turbine wind farm at Lowbanks because they couldn’t sleep. A second farm in the zone can’t be sold. In both cases the real estate agents take people to view the properties and they walk away when they see the wind turbines. An agent in the proposed multiple wind turbine farm zone in south Haldimand lost a sale when his clients learned of the proposed turbines. Another couple learned that if the turbines are deployed, they can expect between a $50,000 to $100,000 loss on their house and lot.

    It was a very fruitful event

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