Mad World of Wind Turbines

7 thoughts on “Mad World of Wind Turbines

  1. Well, depressing >>>>>going to tweet this link to McGuinty and Duguid. See if they are men enough to respond to this disgusting tragedy. They are so going down come Oct 6th

  2. Thanks for the compilation. Save Ontario from more destruction.

  3. I , myself went to Queens Park – Twice
    I couldn’t believe it.
    I went out of desperation.

    In my opinion, the Liberal Party –
    has displayed – complete disrespect, and hatred for humanity. Period.

  4. Going down is not enough payment for what the Liberals have done. How does a voted politician feel they are above those they were supposed to represent?

  5. This group came into power to dismantle your Hydro system and put in cap abd trade

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