McGuinty Liberals charged with abuse of power, undue ‘political interference’ in awarding wind contracts

Vancouver Sun

“This case is about unfairness, the abuse of power and process and undue political interference in the regulation of renewable energy in Ontario …,” Mesa’s statement of intent said.

“Rather than allow the FIT program to be impartially assessed through the ordinary approval process, ministers and other government officials used extraordinary unilateral ministerial directives to interfere with Mesa’s property rights” the company charges.  This resulted in a “direct and immediate benefit to the better treated companies who vaulted past mesa and got contracts.”

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  1. Am I supposed to be shocked?? Isn’t this the McGuinty’s government standard M O. E health was only a practice run or rehersal of corruption. Is it October yet

  2. One wonders who is paying the lawyers, and if Ontario/Canada loses these suits, who ends up paying the damages (other than the obvious taxpayers, Ontario or Canada?). Even if Hudak cancels the entire program, I’d bet the plaintiffs will still be wanting some cash. Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Dalton.

  3. I would hope the Federal Government will now step in and insist the GEA be put on hold in order to protect the Canadian taxpayers from further legal damages.

  4. Here is a link and excerpt from Hydro One showing wind energy transmission plans for the west of London area. Hydro One estimated in 2010 that the total dollar amount for the transmission upgrades would be $1.044 billion. The Sarnia-London target in-service year is 2016 and the London-Hamilton target is 2020. By changing their connection point from Sarnia-London to Bruce-Milton via the Longwoods-Bruce transmission line the west of London wind farms leapfrogged years ahead and in front of T Boone Pickens wind farm proposals. However there are no transmission stations on the 180km strech between the Bruce and Longwoods and as the Mesa Power executive points out “Other projects that received contracts under the disputed rules will take years to complete and will require extensive planning of new, expensive and unnecessarily long transmission lines,”
    Anyone want to speculate why the OPA handed out so many out of region FIT contracts? What happenned to Mr. Duguids’s Long term Energy Plan put out last November? Will Hydro One still upgrade the west of London line if almost all of the wind projects in the area are going to the Bruce-Milton line? Is their any plan at all?

    Hydro One will begin to identify transmission solutions that accommodate the significant
    interest in wind generation development in the area west of London. The interest here
    could exceed 1,000 MW, and based on the capacity of the existing system, it will be
    necessary to build new transmission lines to incorporate it.
    To provide an additional 1000 MW of transfer capacity, Hydro One plans to build three
    single-circuit 500 kV or 230 kV transmission lines from:
    1) Lambton TS to Longwood TS, 2) Lambton TS to Chatham SS, and 3) Chatham SS to
    Longwood TS
    This project is primarily aimed at facilitating the connection of renewable energy.

    OM&A Development Work
    (22.5$ Millions)
    Capital Expenditures
    ( 706.0$ Millions)
    The West of London project previously described will enable renewable generation in
    south western Ontario to be transmitted to London. To allow this generation to reach the8 GTA, the transmission capability between London and Hamilton must be increased. In
    order to increase power transfer capability from south western Ontario to the GTA, a new
    single-circuit 500 kV line is required and, for the reference plan, is planned to stretch
    from Buchanan TS to Middleport TS. The new right of way may be located next to the
    existing Longwood x Nanticoke ROW. This project is primarily aimed at facilitating the
    connection of renewable energy.

    OM&A Development Work
    (9.5 $ Millions)
    Capital Expenditures
    (306.0$ Millions)

    • QUESTION, For the Lake Nipigan to Wawa line of 230 kV and 280 kms the total cost is $523 millions. So ~ $2 million/km or is the extra 120 kms to Lake Head included? No clear information is given. Only trying to calculate the cost/km for these transmission lines. Not enough data supplied for cost of the west of London lines in the report to work out the cost /km.

  5. Well having read the article. McGuinty is truly out of his league. Boone Pickens is America’s energy policy maker. He has excellent ideas on reducing US Opec demand by 30 percent by converting the US trucking industry to natural gas which burns 30 percent cleaner. Now this would put a dent in emmisions, not like these wind shananigans. Boone will eat McGuinty for breakfast , only problem is that FaGuinty wont be in power then and the taxpayer is going to have to clean up his mess.

    • Hold on a minute – Pickens may be a very bright man –
      but, spending $2Billion on wind turbines
      probably caused a few giggles
      around the office.

      He was sitting around one day, then he looked north –
      and, the rest is ‘playing out right now’.

  6. Well my point exactly, he is a bright man. He thinks I will spend 2 billion and make a handsome return on his money. Not to mention the greater demand for natural gas , in turn higher prices for all the backup plants required for the lousy unreliable turbines. Exactly like the Lackawana turbines, the five of them guarantee the receptor’s $800,000 is tax credits on top of the $100,000 hamburg gets for leasing the land…for the next 20 years…and they have not worked at all since installed. The creators of the FIT are to blame for Ontario’s future Lakawana’s…..McGuinty.

  7. The pencil-necked pinhead McGuilty, makes Mike Harris look like a saint !
    Liberals blatant, in your (our) face corruption, will do serious harm to Ontarios` name, for years to come.
    Not that I give a damn about offending gready IWT businesses. They`re just as bad as lying Liberal governments. They deserve one another !
    Let`s just hope Ontarians are paying attention, and seeing how bad this gov. truly is.
    Surely to goodness they`ll not be naive enough, to re-elect these lunatics ! Will they???

  8. There’s a really good article in the Sat Toronto Star in the business section on this called ‘Pickens’ firm alleges ‘political interference’ but to view it on line you have to pay for it. It was worth the cost of the paper to read it

  9. These are the kind of guys that through NAFTA took apart Ontario Hydro..once a public utility.
    By the people for the people.
    It doesn’t matter who gets the contracts or why…The issue still remains is still a monopoly , we are the captured market there is NO price competion and once again the media spin spins.
    We are spending BILLIONS so that corporation and people taking part in FIT programs SELL us electricity and we have nowhere to go but pay.
    These guys helped steal our power system to rob us blind…..
    Every cent we spemd should be for us , the electricity production should be paid by us for us,, we are paying it all anyway and get these profiteers out of the entire system..INCLUDING every Ontario Liberal in Ontario. that has misled , misrepresented the intent of the entire direction.
    It is not about how electricity is produced , it is about a once public utility for the good of all Ontario now being for the good of their buddies…..isn’t that the real issue.??

    • Blame the McGuinty Liberals –
      some do not understand NAFTA to this day,
      because they haven’t read it.
      ……..some think it’s ‘good’ because it has the word ‘free’ in it.
      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      The McGuinty Liberals were warned – not to go down this road.

      Now – they’ll leave, and the Conservative’s will have to clean up their mess.
      Just Great!

  10. Both the projects AWA planned were in areas with very strong local opposition. As well you could argue that there were signifigant environmental and habitat issues with the size of the IWT projects proposed. Add a high resident and tourist population density and I can see why these projects were passed over.
    In a political sense both are in Carol Mitchell’s riding, one in her home municipality. Huge implications there too as she plans to run again.
    Lets not forget too that these AWA turbines have been looking for a home for years now since legislators decided not to proceed with the original project they were intended for in Texas. They (AWA=Mesa/GE) bought up the lease options and wind data for these areasaround the time the GEA was enacted with the idea of finding a home for a bunch of them. No sympathy here for Mr Picken.

    • I’m with you!
      with an election brewing……….
      Mr. Pickens exposes his desperation –
      …….can’t dump them in Texas –
      try Ontario.

  11. And also; Not sure where it was, but, I heard the Hells Angels were having a small ‘get together’, over the weekend, and as usual,the 0PP were on hand, to welcome them, as they arrived. I`ve not heard any more about it, so I guess all went well, no trouble.
    It makes me wonder,as far as organized crime goes in Ontario, the Hells are small potatoes, when compared to the Billions$$, stolen/misapprpriated/scammed, from Ontario tax & ratepayers, by the McGuilty Ontario Liberal party, the biggest organized crime syndicate in this provinces history.

  12. Let’s not forget where all the action is:
    Ontario Power Authority (OPA), created by the Liberal Party
    – where all the “partying” –
    I mean “planning” happens, and proponents ‘win contracts’ –
    I think it goes something like this………….

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