Effects of turbines need further study, tribunal says

By Lee Greenberg, Ottawa Citizen

A legal challenge questioning the safety of wind turbines was struck down Monday in a decision that clears the way for more wind development in Ontario.  However, the decision by Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal was not a clear cut endorsement of wind power.

The tribunal found there is a need for further study of the effects of wind turbines, which detractors say emit low frequency noise that leads to sleeplessness and an array of related problems including stress, anxiety and hypertension causing heart disease.  Read article

4 thoughts on “Effects of turbines need further study, tribunal says

  1. As the world watches! The world weeps with us!

    Truth, Honesty, and Justice on display
    ….what’s at risk? Freedom

    The “Precautionary Principle” no longer valid, as we have known it.
    The enemy is the NIMBY – and will not be tolerated

    It all boils down to the ‘language’ –
    The Liberal government will tell you what to believe, and think.
    They know the ‘language’ –
    …….gas plants and wind generators are ‘green renewable energy’ –
    ……………..no longer ‘industrial infrastructure’ –
    they are ‘green’ –
    therefore – there are ‘no elements of risk’ – associated with them.

    And even if there is – who cares!

    The Liberals know everything – they are creating ‘green jobs’ –
    The citizens of Ontario want them.

    Human’s are just NIMBY’s – just whine and complain –
    and should be ignored.

    McGuinty’s Draconian Tribunal on display!

    Tribunal to Citizens:
    Go Away! Bring us the ‘Ruby Slippers’!

    This is Outrageous! and should not be tolerated –
    I encourage an appeal be filed immediately.
    God Bless!

  2. Well Jef, it would be nice if the people who have those d^mm turbines whomping their homes couild sleep. Nobody should have to put up with having their home invaded by noise they can’t control. If you think it’s a good thing there’s lots of homes for sale, and for the privlege I’m sure you’ll gladly pay extra!

  3. Read the findings Jef..it didn’t say that at all. I have had 5 people read it , so should you.

  4. Jefs comment must have dissolved, (along with his brain), as I don`t see it here. I`m assuming I didn`t miss anything of importance.
    I`m thinking this decision is not all bad. It certainly isn`t as Wilkinson spins it. He claims it`s consistant with the MOH, Ms.Kings` findings, which it most certainly is not, from my read of it.
    I guess if you`re a member of this failed dictatorship, you can spin anything to mean anything you fancy. Logic & common sense are foreign to these corrupt fools.
    I guess when Mike Harris left, he took common sense with him. McGuinty has never shown an ounce of it, since day one!
    The decision states pretty clearly,I think, that studies are needed to determine health impacts, & environmental damages, to properly weigh the risks, associated to IWTs.
    I`d suggest that`s about as good as we could hope for, with a tribunal who is working for the party in power.

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