Wind output is next to nothing when we need it most

Total demand: 22,111 MW

12 thoughts on “Wind output is next to nothing when we need it most

  1. Hey Wind Conerns, you stand corrected, it is actually 6MW at the present. The comment still says enough to meet the needs of Chapleau.

  2. actually many small rural papers support us and run letters all the time.
    City papers don’t much , Stratford , Paris , Clinton areas rarely print anything anti wind.

  3. Not sure what all the complaining is about. All we have to do is shut down the Ontario economy and turn-off all the lights when the wind doesn’t blow. It will be a minor adjustment to schedule work and activities around wind forecasts. I have no doubt that OPA and IESO will roll-out a “smart wind forecaster” so we can plan our day.

    In the meantime…. let’s create an electricity time-share system. Windsor gets electricity from 2AM-4AM. Thunderbay from 4AM-6AM, and so on.

    Everything is under control in the great province of Ontario. Thanks Father Dalton.

    • Ben,we already shut down the economy. Peak demand on this hot day is running about 22-23,000 Mw, which is down roughly 4000 Mw from our peaks prior to 2007. Despite the Liberal spin that they are saving us from black-outs and coal, the loss of industry in the province since 2008 has caused oversupply.

      It is reasonable to conclude that if McGuinty’s green jobs dream every became reality, he might have to fire up the coal plants again.

  4. Sygration website shows 4MW of wind production at 10:00 AM this morning. Almost all the coal units are cranked. Even the almost never used oil burning units at Lennox are running sporadicaly

  5. The pro wind people do not realize that we get wind only from frontal systems as they pass through. There havn’t been any through here in weeks.

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