Green energy jobs too expensive

By Richard Scratch, The Windsor Star

Dwight Duncan and Sandra Pupatello have lately stated that the Green Energy Act is a victim of its own success. This is political spin to cover up the Liberal’s total failure to either anticipate or plan for the artificially created demand they created with such high feed-in rates. As a result, there is nowhere to hook up all the power being contracted.

Now they are blaming hydro. The hydro system is geared to a few very large power sources feeding down through ever smaller lines to, ultimately, households at low voltage.

The Green Energy Act envisions a huge number of small sources feeding into the grid at generally random times and variable outputs.

This is the equivalent of shutting down all the water pumping stations and having every fire pumper in the province hook up to hydrants to pump water to our homes. It just won’t work.

I would not want to be the head engineer at Ontario Hydro trying to manage such a system. The infrastructure was never designed for it and the Liberals had to be aware of it.

It will take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to connect all these sources. Of course not to worry, they will just raise our taxes.

The worst hit will be, of course, those on fixed incomes.

As for the green energy jobs? Easily the most expensive job creation program ever conceived.


5 thoughts on “Green energy jobs too expensive

  1. Wait – Wait – it’s coming…………..
    The Dwight Duncan stutter -Aaah, Aaah………..Aaah…….Aaah……….
    Well – we’re waiting……………………..
    spit it out Dwight……….
    Here it is!
    TahDah! – “Blame Greece”

  2. i would still like to know where 80 million went at the windsor casino green power plant. dwight duncan said the provincial government is suing the builder because they cant get it to work. does that not sound familiar. sounds like the rest of the green energy act. i also noticed the output from all the solar and wind projects in ontario this week would supply the needs of comber ,puce and pelee island,give or take a few cow barns. all this for about a billion so far.

  3. Chatham Kent just had a plea on the radio for the residents to conserve power because they were using so much they are having brown outs. What, all those turbines and they don’t have enough power, imagine that!!

    • Brownouts already! It’s not even noon yet. Watil til 4-5 PM today when it will really be hot. Thanks for the headsup Brenda. Will be watching out here as well.

  4. Maybe the guy is right. Maybe McGuinty and his policies are wayyyyy toooo expensive.

    TORONTO — In just three years, Ontario has become the second-largest recipient of equalization payments in the country, with $2.2-billion set to flow into its “have-not” coffers this year.

    Only Quebec, which takes in $7.8-billion in such payments, receives more.

    More ominously, Ontario’s burgeoning take threatens to destabilize Confederation, says one of the country’s leading academics, by creating problems for Quebec, Manitoba and the Atlantic provinces.

    What do you think?

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