Suzuki’s arguments on wind power are hot air

In his article on wind power titled “When it comes to health, wind power blows away the alternatives” David Suzuki outlines the benefits of wind power as a clean renewable energy source.  I’m not so sure about that. Denmark is a world leader in wind power and they seem to be having a great deal of difficulty, including electricity costs that are four times greater than our own.

Still, not to discount wind energy out of hand, and if wind power eventually does come to B.C. perhaps the first wind farm could be installed on Quadra Island next to David Suzuki’s know kind of an honorary thing, since he loves the idea of wind power so much.

Of course it would be done according to regulations and would have a 550-metre setback from his property line.

A modest-sized wind farm consists of around 50, 300-foot-tall wind turbines, so that should get a good start on clean renewable energy. There will be a few minor drawbacks but it’s wind power, so it’s best to just be open-minded and learn to live with it.

Mr. Suzuki’s estate will be worthless, and the surrounding 3,000 or so acres, will look like a virtual wasteland.too bad that’s how much land has to be destroyed to set up 50 wind turbines. Mr. Suzuki says that’s minimal environmental impact, so he must be right.

If his children suffer headaches, or chronic sleep deprivation or come down with any other ailments that may be attributed to the 50 wind turbines, I’m sure Mr. Suzuki will remain open-minded and understanding. After all, the scientists say the people who are ill, can’t be!

There won’t be too many birds or bats left once the wind turbines are up and running (they don’t call them “bird shredders” for nothing) so Mr. Suzuki should probably keep his budgie in the house, and stock up on insect repellant, you see a single bat eats up to 3,000 insects a day. Yes we’re screwing up the eco system, but it’s clean energy.

Probably the most unfortunate drawback is Mr. Suzuki will be nuttier than he already is; I would be too if I had to listen to the endless whump, whump, whump of 50 wind turbines every day.

Hey, it’s all worth it, somebody will be getting their electricity at four or five times the price they currently pay.and it’s clean and renewable.that is when the wind is blowing!

Mark Williams, Duncan

13 thoughts on “Suzuki’s arguments on wind power are hot air

  1. Isn’t the setback 550 metres from YOUR HOME rather than the property line? We’ll just put those icons of clean as close as we can Mr. Suzuki. And if there is no building on your property, well shoot, we’ll just measure from the centre of your property so you have no choice about where to build.

    • Actually the setback is 550 meters from the “center” of your home (a sound receptor) to the center of the wind turbine. But who cares about a few meters this way or that way as long as the “David Suzuki’s” of the world get their wind turbines ‘up close and personal’ so they can hug them each and every day! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? 🙂

  2. Don’t forget to locate the aggregate quarry and concrete plant on or near his property for the tons and tons of concrete required for footings, aggregate for road building, etc.

    • Perhaps it’s time for Ontarians to look at their after income tax disposable income. Add up their energy costs and see just how close they are to the 10% energy poverty line. Bet many are close and many are already there. Paying for IWTs ought to push a lot more people into energy poverty in Ontario.

  3. Endangered species nearby – don’t worry about it – we’ll get a special permit to kill, harm and harass so that we can proceed with a clear conscience. After all, it’s for the greater good.

  4. In a March 2011 report entitled “UpWind … Design limits and solutions for very large wind turbines”, the authors (European Wind Energy Association, its members and others) discuss a semi-theoretical, 20 MW wind turbine with a hub height of 153 meters, rotor diameter of 252 meters and resulting total height = 279 meters or 915 feet.

    So, if Mr. Suzuki wants to walk in others’ shoes, I say dispense with 50 “small” turbines and use 6 of these giants. Mr. Suzuki’s reaction would make Ned Beatty look like a man’s man.

    • I think his teeth would be chattering from the vibrations created by those babies!

  5. suzuki lived here in leamington during his youth. his family worked on my father in laws chicken farm. he should have stayed with the chickens

  6. I happened to read this column of Suzuki’s with its reference to scientists he doesn’t like as “scientists” . He never understood that scientists who are also advocates destroy their credibility on both sides of that “fence”. Some 25 years ago he made himself the front-liner in a TV debate with Philippe Rushton on inherited factors in human nature. Suzuki came close to destroying the career of a scientist whose research is now proven beyond question. It was all left-wing political correctness against politically incorrect but eventually proven scientific research. That’s when I stopped reading his “science”.

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