Analysis: Ontario green energy plan feels the heat

By Nicole Mordant, International Business Times

An ambitious plan to feed renewable energy into the power grid of Canada’s economic heartland is under fire and could flame out altogether in the autumn, just two years after its launch.

Ontario’s opposition Progressive Conservative party, who are leading in the polls ahead of an October 6 election, has vowed to scrap a provincial program that pays above-market rates to producers of energy from sources such as the sun and wind.  Read article

1 thought on “Analysis: Ontario green energy plan feels the heat

  1. Ontario Power Authority (OPA) – set up as a temporary agency –
    has been around since 2005.
    The Green Energy and Green Economy Act (Bill 150) since 2009.

    There is evidence the OPA was – long on the prowl – before 2009 –
    since 2003 – right from the get go
    Bill 150 – 2009 – just the nail in the coffin.

    The OPA is the mystery NGO set up by the McGuinty Liberals –
    and nobody knows who works there.

    They work in secret – unaccountable to no one.
    They sign secret contracts with privateers – they allow privateers and
    their thugs to threaten citizens and to destroy the countryside.

    Mr. McGuinty – says it’s for the good of the planet.
    Human Well Being is discounted,
    and if concerned citizens speak up –
    McGuinty calls them names – NIMBY’S

    There is plenty of spin – but, no honest evidence that the
    planet needs saving.

    I think it is safe to assume – the public perception – is rather
    suspicious of the McGuinty Liberals – and, their creation – the OPA.

    Show us the faces!
    Is the OPA corrupt?
    Maybe the agency should be shut down.
    Others have suggested getting rid of the OPA.

    Doing nothing about it – is not acceptable.

    Ontario citizens deserve answers – Lives are being destroyed,
    and there has to be accountability.

    I’m abandoning my property, and who cares?
    My family will be displaced.

    I’ll end up pitching a tent at Queens Park.
    Then I’ll end up in jail. They’ll say I’m crazy.

    Welcome to my life!
    Maybe, Mr. McGuinty owes me an explanation!


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