McGuinty’s Pathetic Act of Desperation

Calgary Sun Editorial
Inflammatory tactics designed to divert wrath of Ontario voters away from McGuinty

Excerpt:  His disastrous Green Energy Act is costing Ontario taxpayers and power consumers billions in subsidies for alternative energy sources — and the bills are mounting.  There’s an important role for alternative energy in Canada’s future, but Ontario’s strategy has been a costly flop. 

McGuinty can’t dig himself out of that hole, but he can try to divert Ontarians’ wrath toward the federal government and energy rich western provinces.  As Canada struggles to move past the recession, this attempt to polarize Canadians in different regions of the country reeks of the pathetic desperation of a politician on the ropes.  Read entire article

7 thoughts on “McGuinty’s Pathetic Act of Desperation

  1. I just saw McGuinty on CTV. He had a rally today and 500 people showed up! Wowee zowie, I’ve been to rural small town meetings where over 400 showed up! Hmmm. Premier 500, rural meeting 400…..speaks for itself.
    How about Megalomaniac McGuinty.

  2. Dalton McGuinty was once a good person with morals & scruples …his last five years in office has changed him completely . He & his Liberal minions have destroyed Ontario’s energy sector’s credibility & ability to cope appropriately with the realities of today’s electrical power demands ; his government has turned Ontario into a fascist state where the police do not do their job if , a “native person or their issues are confrontational in nature ( Caledonia is still simmering after 6 years & McGuilty has done nothing but appease the native lawbreakers since 2005 ; the Health System in Ontario is reeling & severely damaged due to mismanagement & incompetence . If this meglomaniac is elected again it will be disaster for those of us who still believe in sensible ,responsible ,affordable & democratic governance .

  3. Yessss weeeellll McGuinty says there is a “fire in his belly”….–feisty-mcguinty-tells-liberals-there-s-fire-in-his-belly

    “They don’t see the big challenges before us. They don’t see the pressing need, the urgency for us to meet those challenges. They lack foresight, they lack vision, they lack leadership,” the premier said.

    Well, if he has “fire in his belly” maybe he needs a wind turbine in his…

    Then maybe he could have a little far-sight as well.

  4. Correction is in order, David.

    The fire was not in his belly…that was his pants.

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