Open letter to Brad Duguid

Shoreline Beacon

The following is a letter addressed to Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister of Energy.: In the July 12 Shoreline Beacon July, Carol Mitchell, MPP for Huron Bruce, was quoted as saying “25 per cent of energy is produced in this riding in every form, and we are anxious to do more. We want to harvest the wind, harness the sun and pull power from the atom”.

Bruce Nuclear with six operational units provide 4,700 MW of power and with the restart of the remaining two at Bruce A another 1,500 MW will be added by the end of the year for a grand total of 6,200 MW.

By comparison, in the same article, “contract offers will be issued for 25 large scale renewable energy projects totaling more than 1,000 megawatts. Contracts will be offered to three community projects in Paisley and Tiverton, part of 14 wind projects 750 megawatts”.

1,750 MW is a future goal through the FIT program that will be provided by wind/ solar. 4,700 MW is currently the output of Bruce nuclear with 6,200 MW available by year end. So, the statement that the riding provides 25 per cent of the provinces energy lumps future projects in with current nuclear production to create the false impression that wind/ solar is a major contributor to energy output. I would put to you that the 25 per cent quoted by your Minister of Agriculture is provided right now by Bruce Nuclear.

I think your government relies on the gullibility and perhaps the apathy of Ontarians when grandstanding and providing misleading information about these wind/ solar pet projects. You are quoting output from projects that have not even been started yet!

People are now becoming aware of the drawbacks of wind turbines. Apart from being eyesores, they are notoriously unreliable and require just the right amount of wind. They have been known to break apart in a severe storm with blades becoming missiles putting nearby residents in grave danger of physical harm. They have been shown to catch fire and are noisy. They collect ice on their blades which shuts the turbine down if the brakes are working. If not, the turbine will break itself apart. They kill birds during migration. That, plus the fact that they provide the tiniest amount of energy when the conditions are exactly right, makes them too expensive and unsustainable.

As for coal, which was mentioned in the article, the technology we have today (scrubbers) would clean the emissions coming from those facilities before being released into the atmosphere. Getting rid of coal energy would be a mistake as it still provides a big percentage to our overall energy supply.

Solar is also unreliable and output negligible.

We have a home in Huron Bruce and by speaking with fellow residents, we know there is major revulsion to these projects. This feeling is validated by an article in the same edition titled “Wind power supporters “not being heard””.

Your government still insists on pushing these projects despite widespread opposition to wind turbines and the hated and expensive FIT program. I would recommend that you view the videos on Youtube and other sites that show the self destruction of these turbines (ironically by the very wind they are intended to harness) in Denmark, the US and elsewhere.

A favor of a reply would be appreciated.

Doreen Henschel Rockwood