Stratford residents boo McGuinty

Three cheers for the dedicated group attending a protest just north of Stratford, organized in just 4 early hours this morning! Good job Tom Melady! Over 20 people attended with cars, trucks and a tractor all well decorated with signs and banners telling McGuinty to STOP the wind turbines. People waved signs and booed as McGuinty arrived and left the premises.
McGuinty isn’t standing up for farmers; he’s standing up for the wind industry and stomping over rural families and communities!

17 thoughts on “Stratford residents boo McGuinty

  1. I cheer for all of you. Wow, it just cheered me upn so much. We just got our letters about a meeting from Samsung. I needed that pick me up!

  2. Way to go Stratford!! So right about McGuinty selling out farmers. He cuts services and tells them the way to make money is leasing their land to Industrial Wind Turbine companies. Good things are not growing in Ontario for Dalton McGuinty.

    • Hold on! McGuinty selling out rural Ontario – yes.
      But, many of the deals with farmers and other landowners
      were done well in advance, with the farmers
      (and other landowners)
      in full agreement.

      Farmers in many many areas – sold themselves out, without
      any consideration for their neighbours.
      They did not care about their own land – only about the money
      that could be generated from wind, and other sources.

      I use to have a lot of respect for farmers.
      Sorry – not anymore.

      With all the secrecy surrounding these land deals; thinking they were
      getting ahead in life without
      regard for others – simply spells loser to me.

      When you hurt others to get ahead, it just does not
      sit right with me.
      Sorry – but that’s how I feel.

      Farmers in the end – will be sorry.
      Live free my friend – while others carry your load.

      • Kudos to the Stratford gang.

        The absurdity for those that have leased their land is
        that you obviously have no guarantee that the wind co.
        will locate a turbine on your property. While all lessor’s
        share in a residual pool of funds (that doesn’t amount to
        much), in the end most people that sign up with the windies
        have made their property worthless for absolutely nothing.

      • Its too bad you feel that way about farmers. Getting all your facts straight first would have been a smart thing to do.

        Painting all farmers with the same brush is as short-sighted as the Liberal energy policy.

        Not all farmers are in favour of having IWT’s on their land.
        In fact, most Farmers don’t have IWT’s.

        Wind development company’s and their operators buy up land and call themselves farmers.

        Farms with IWT’s quite often have no homes on them.
        In fact, in one case here, ONE farmer will have 17 IWT’s on his land alone.

        This writer and farmer is truely concerned that McGuinty would love for all of urban Ontario to paint farmers with your brush.

      • I’m sorry you feel I am painting all farmers with one brush.
        I am most certainly not doing that.

        Sadly – I believed farmers would not buy in to the McGuinty scheme.
        But evidence is in your face.

        I, too – live in the countryside.
        And sadly, it is farmers that sold out our area. Period.
        When they could have, and should have spoken out – they
        remained quiet.

        Why? …because they thought they would be getting free hydro.
        …..some are now sitting there scratching their heads.
        ……and some got a Micro Fit contract.

        So – I hope you can have some compassion – for my feelings.
        Please do not take this personally.
        I’d stand with you as a farmer – any day!
        …..provided you are not a sell out.

      • Oh – one more thing.
        If you want facts.
        You can thank the “Greenbelt’ cabal……
        a handful of greedy speculators,
        supported by the radical environmentalists.

      • Free Thinker is right: McGuinty did not force farmers and landowners to sign IWT leases. These people dove right in, without a gun to their head, for many reasons: money, greed, the thought of free hydro, the perception of being truly green, general ignorance, etc. These unfortunate decisions, without regard to their neighbours and the agricultural countryside at large, were made around dining room tables and at Tim Hortons coffee klatches throughout the province. They did it to themselves while doing it to others. There’s no way to soft pedal the situation.

        Patrick is also correct when he says not all farmers rose to the bait. Take a look around at the demonstrations, rallys and meetings … I see a lot of farmers out there standing with the rest of us, fighting the good fight, as they say. I’ve spoken to many farmers who are every bit as anti IWTs as any of us. To them, I say “thanks”.

        And finally, David Robinson and Madasabat are right. You get rid of the organ grinder first and the monkey will follow.

  3. Way to go……..shame you didn’t have a stinger on the road,to get him to walk 550m..Ah well, he probably couldn’t, the snake!!

  4. Congrats to all. Probably the first time this hit him deep inside. Always had his minions to do the dirty work but they all quit with lavish retirement agreements. GO HUDAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I only wish I could have been there. We need to rid Ontario of this parasite and his gang of misfits on Oct 6th.

  6. BBBBOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Can you hear me now

    Can’t believe how desperate hudak wants eddie francis as a runner. Charles manson could win that seat (no disrespect)

  7. I have a question:

    For which scenario would members of this group prefer to pay:

    1) The exile of The Complete Liberal Cabinet and Premier Dalton McGuinty
    2) The Samsung Contract.

    i.e. which would be cheaper…???

    • That’s an Oxy Moron question.

      What is at stake is our freedom.
      Defend your freedom – at all cost.

      Get rid of 1 and 2 @ all cost. Period.

    • Exile the Dalton gang @ any cost.
      Add it to our hydro bills – Exile Charge.
      One fee I would be happy to pay.

    • If that’s the right answer then you would also have to agree –

      the World Trade Organization (WTO), a bureaucratic agency –
      of who knows who –
      has no business interfering in provincial matters –
      concerning the Green Act –
      when indirectly –
      the issue is between the United Nation’s policy in fighting climate change,
      a non existing problem,
      and not directly – with NAFTA.

      Canada and U.S. electricity has always been integrated – that’s a given.
      …..and we have certain legal obligations to each other – that’s a given.

      Canada has said they will fight ‘vigorously’ – any challenge –
      brought against Canada, concerning the
      McGuinty Green Fiasco – in Ontario.

      Worth consideration:
      Because decisions made at the WTO are not open –
      to public input – it might be a good idea for Ontario citizens to stand up –
      and write to the WTO in support of Mr. Harper – in this battle to defend
      Ontario citizens.

      I guess it’s all in the “nuts and bolts”.
      ……and I’m running out of bubble gum.

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