Ontario’s electricity folly

Ottawa Citizen  Re: Surplus power costs Ontarians $35M

The author of this excellent article highlights the folly that is Ontario’s electricity program.  At the same time taxpayers are on the hook for $7 billion, to purchase solar systems from Samsung, and millions to landowners in long-term contracts to lease land for wind-turbines and solar panels, we cannot use the electricity being produced.

I would point out much of the electricity now produced, via these so-called green sources, is at an outrageous cost, at upwards of 80 cents per kWh, versus four to six cents though conventional means.

There is simply no proof that thousands of jobs were produced by switching to green energy, although undoubtedly South Korea likely has made gains in this regard.

What is even more shocking is Ontario could have bought surplus, cleanly produced electricity, from either Manitoba or Quebec, at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers. We currently have one of the highest costs of electricity in the country, which not only impacts on homeowners, but our manufacturing sector. It is time for a complete re-evaluation of Ontario’s plans for producing electricity, as our future welfare depends on it.

Larry Comeau, Ottawa

6 thoughts on “Ontario’s electricity folly

  1. “It is time for a complete re-evaluation of Ontario’s plans for producing electricity, as our future welfare depends on it.”[from article]

    Certainly a mouthful – should citizens be concerned?

    We now have more and more evidence of wacko environmental groups –
    supporting ‘a political agenda’ allowing destruction of the countryside –
    a sort of ‘playground for the rich’.

    In plain sight – we have a ‘one stop – shopping depot’ –
    the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) –
    where multi nationals pick up their ‘custom made electricity contracts’.

    What’s wrong with the Liberal Party?
    They are a political party
    of many sicknesses – hell bent on destroying everything in sight.

    Yup – I think citizens should be very concerned.

  2. Toronto Star and other dailies fail to explain McGuinty’s open-door policy for predator wind farm corporations that drain our tax dollars.
    This includes the mega-quarry at Shelburne that will stop $7 million in taxes once the potato lands there become a huge hole in the ground unable to pay taxes forever — all for a foreign corporation.

    — Victor Fletcher / Toronto Street News

    • McGuinty’s mismanagement and complete destruction
      of Ontario.
      These multi nationals – hedge funds – can now rape the environment –
      and take their money out of the country.
      Ontario gets nothing!

  3. Victor we are all aware.
    The actual environmental and financial impact of the Ontario Liberals is devasting to all but a few.
    The direction is leading towards think tanks and an idea industry that is completely subsidized by taxpayers.
    Where this idea falls apart is that the tax payer has have jobs and income to continue paying the taxes this will cost.
    Mars for example…..it should be illegal
    It must assume that industry and technology sectors cannot think for themselves.

  4. I have to agree with the job creation numbers however:

    Just in the Advertsing agencies , so called Environmental groups..lots of job creation here alone.

    Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

    The Energy Exhibition Collaborative c/o Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

    Sustainability Network

    Tides Canada Initiatives

    Low Income Energy Network (LIEN) c/o Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario

    Blue Green Now: Driving the Transition to Green Jobs in Ontario Communities c/o Steelworkers Humanity Fund (SHF)

    David Suzuki Foundation/Foundation David Suzuki

    High School Climate Challenge c/o Sierra Club of Canada Foundation

    Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education

    Riversides c/o Green Communities Canada

    Tides Canada Initiatives and Waterlution – A Water Learning Experience c/o Tides Canada Initiatives

    Ontario Trillium Foundation 2010 –to March 2011

    Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, as lead organization on this collaborative

    Green Communities Canada, as lead organization on this collaborative

    The Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, as lead organization on this collaborative

    Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network

    Green Communities Canada

    Pillar Nonprofit Network, as lead organization on this collaborative

    Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forest , as lead organization on this collaborative

    Small Change Fund Inc.

    Tides Canada Initiatives Society , as lead organization on this collaborative

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