Energy projects deserve review, says writer

by Ernest Horvath Clinton New Record

Exerpt:  In Ontario, we are dealing with the onslaught of corporations and small business people getting into the new Ontario Liberal electricity producing business. Large scale solar spanning hundreds of acres of what was once farmland or Industrial Wind Turbines, some almost 500 feet high taking up thousands of acres of rural farmland as well. Smaller FIT programs where companies perhaps lease space on government, municipal rooftops, or even barns or any large building.  Read Article

6 thoughts on “Energy projects deserve review, says writer

    • Absolutely brilliant!

      Also, the newspaper should be complimented
      for printing it.

      More of the same is needed across Ontario.
      Sharpen your pencils!

      • Great job Ernest!

        Thank you for your time and effort on such a worthwhile cause.

  1. Thanks , this area has strong FIt supporters…
    Just telling the truth..we need more people telling the truth go out there ..Please!

  2. Great letter, Ernest. Nice counter to the wind propaganda.

  3. Mike Crawley, Pres of AIM PowerGen/IPC/IPR GFR Suez, probably the greatest beneficiary of the largesse as former Pres of the Ontario wing of teh federal Liberal party didn’t get his due here.

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