Turbine agreement rejected in Grey Highlands

by Chris Fell, Simcoe.com

Grey Highlands council at its regular meeting on Monday, July 25 turned down a road use agreement for the Plateau Wind Project.  In a 4-3 vote council defeated the agreement. The defeat of the agreement doesn’t mean much in the long-term picture. The turbines are still being built and the project will continue.  Read article

1 thought on “Turbine agreement rejected in Grey Highlands

  1. The ‘common sense’ version:

    Councillor Stewart Halliday called the agreement “one-sided” and said he was willing to go through the document line-by-line with the rest of council to show why he held that belief.
    “We’re signing away our rights. That’s something I wasn’t elected to do,” said Halliday.

    A councillor – actually did his job –
    and, read the fine print.

    The ‘mind cramp’ version:

    Mayor Wayne Fitzgerald also vacated the chair to speak to the matter. The Mayor said he didn’t like the suggestion that the road agreement in front of council was hurting the municipality.
    “This is not an agreement that has been drafted by some amateur. It was worked out by the lawyers advising us,” said Fitzgerald.

    Decisions and Threats!
    Welcome to McGuinty’s Ontario!

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