Canada Won’t Commit New Funding for Renewable-Energy Program

By Andrew Mayeda, Bloomberg

Canada won’t commit new funding to a C$1.4-billion ($1.47 billion) program used by companies such as Suncor Energy Inc. (SU) and TransAlta Corp. to fund renewable-energy projects, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said today.

Canada plans to cut C$4 billion in spending annually to help it balance its budget by the fiscal year starting April 2014. Oliver said spending restraint was one reason his department hasn’t renewed the ecoEnergy for Renewable Power program, which funded wind farms developed by Suncor and TransAlta as well as solar-power projects developed by Enbridge Inc.

“You’ve got to make choices. You’ve got to make decisions. Things have to be affordable,” Oliver said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg News.
Oliver, who is part of the committee that’s reviewing spending, said the government is trying to balance fiscal prudence and promoting “clean-energy” technologies. Groups such as the Canadian Wind Energy Association have called on the government to renew the program.

The government said today it will invest C$53 million in 17 clean-energy projects across the country, including C$2 million for Solantro Semiconductor Corp. of Ottawa, a company developing technology to improve the performance of solar cells.
Oliver said the government is focusing on projects with commercial applications. “Clean energy funding is designed to have a practical purpose, either in the marketplace or to develop alternative approaches,” he said.

The ecoEnergy for Renewable Power program provides C$1.4 billion over 14 years to fund projects that generate electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar power.

The government said earlier this month said it would invest another C$400 million in a program that provides grants to homeowners to make energy-saving renovations.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said his government will run a C$32.3 billion budget deficit in the current fiscal year.

19 thoughts on “Canada Won’t Commit New Funding for Renewable-Energy Program

  1. Perhaps our letter writing campaign to the Senate Committee did some good!

  2. About time! Funding the likes of Suncor, Enbridge and TransAlta is like subsidizing Bill Gates. Let these corporations profit from commercially viable enterprises.

  3. Looks like the Feds have got their priorities right on this issue.

    The free windy ride is over for these companies. Burn baby burn …

    • yes – yes –
      a very lovely article –
      ta – ta
      and all that.

    • As IWTs are power plants, it’s very likely that off-shore areas where they are installed would need to be closed to any recreational use. IWTs generate high voltage electricity which is dangerous to be near.

  4. Mr. Wet-Behind-The-Ears Budding Author is still trying to keep his day job by writing these pie-in-the-sky columns. Hey Tyler, come back in a decade or two after you’ve had a chance to live in the real world for awhile. Then you can tell me that Diddley doesn’t know Squat …

    • Oops! …please refer to the Toronto Star link above under manversgwtw.

  5. Thank goodness we did not have a minority government…

    With the NDP’s public election platform already packed with more than 200 extreme, unworkable, radical and mostly undesirable promises, it might surprise some to learn that Jack Layton’s current power trip packs at lot more baggage under the floorboards.

    How much more can there be? They’ve got plans for what amounts to a 10¢-a-litre cap-and-trade tax on gasoline, doubled pension plan contributions, corporate tax increases, plus a long list of plans and schemes to newly regulate pharmaceuticals, banking, oil, food, telecom, railways and many other industries. As for monetary policy, not mentioned in the platform but recently the subject of comment, Mr. Layton says that he wants to maintain an “arm’s length” relationship with the Bank of Canada, although he apparently at the same time intends to jawbone the bank over interest rates and the value of the dollar.

    From April 3, 2011

  6. That is why groups fought to take the Liberals down…the only thing that saved Jack at the last minute was Quebec or the NDP was done federally too.
    Ontario NDP policiy is similar..and hang on to your wallets if the Liberals are reelected.
    Time to take a firm stand folks ….

  7. Cronyism on display!

    The McGuinty ‘Green’ Liberals –
    along with the NDP Party –
    along with the Green Party –
    equals, one dirty – $20. suit –
    falling apart!

    Vote: Conservative – and support traditional values.

  8. I’m afraid this may come down to much more than complaining and protesting….not like people aren’t trying to get government to listen.
    They hope we are going to give up , go away , be resigned to accepting these IWTs.
    It is just getting people more furious.
    People will not accept the GEA , and they aren’t going to stop….no one has read this right , all we are trying to do to prevent more problems while the Liberals cause even more…..sad times ahead I fear.

    • Hey Ernest,
      Remember the old saying,
      ‘just before victory – people give up’

      Now is not the time to think negatively.
      And, never give up!

      McGuinty Liberals will not win! – citizens of Ontario value their
      ‘rights and freedoms’ too much.

      Keep smiling – all the way to election day!

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