Ralph Splettstoesser caught allegedly stealing signs

As the husband of Jutta Splettstoesser who has been primed by Leader Wind from a CANWea handbook before speaking publicly at forums such as the Inter-Municipal Wind Meetings and who was recently featured as a full page centerfold in a CANWea ad; as a father, neighbour and member of our rural community, Ralph Splettstoesser perhaps should have considered choosing another way to express his discontent with his neighbors’ opinions.

An estimated 150 signs opposing wind turbine development have been stolen from private property in the Kincardine area. The question of who was removing signs from private property was answered unequivocally on June 22 for one Huron Kinloss resident.

It was a startled neighbour who tried to intervene as she approached a man she knew, removing her neighbors’ STOP sign from the mailbox and depositing it in his truck. When she questioned the man repeatedly, he said he worked for the ‘wind industry’ and that he could ‘do what he wanted’. The man not only dropped his pork producer receipt (with name clearly typed), but his truck (license plate clear) was also photographed at the time of the removal incident.

Police are not pursuing the matter as Splettstoesser has claimed he removed the sign from the road, acting in the best interest of the public, who might have punctured a tire with a nail from the placard.

If you have had signage stolen from private property, you are encouraged to report theft to the police and procure a new placard. A great number of signs have recently been donated to help replace all that has been stolen.

19 thoughts on “Ralph Splettstoesser caught allegedly stealing signs

  1. “Police are not pursuing the matter as Splettstoesser has claimed he removed the sign from the road, acting in the best interest of the public, who might have punctured a tire with a nail from the placard.”
    Yea right, I see people puncturing tires when they run over our mail box all the time. The man is entitled to an opinion but that shouldn’t involve theft. What a jerk.

    Someone stole our original signs but there are plenty more where that came from so they were back up within a day or so. Pretty pathetic when you’re slinking around at night stealing your neighbours property.


  2. Congrats!
    Ralph Splettstoesser – has a ‘green job’
    he said – he worked for the ‘wind industry’ and that he could ‘do what he wanted’.

    Another – Liberal – ‘useful idiot’

  3. Another low life act by the dishonest wind industry..theft,lies, fraud etc.etc.They are desparate. How low do they have to go? Wonder if Disney has contacted them yet over copyright issues? ( their use of Kermit)

  4. Arrogance of the ‘wind to power’ people is amazing.

    A right to steal signs? A right to deny freedom of expression?

    Please try stealing something from me.

    • Mr. Splettstoesser dosen’t understand how tsunami waves behave. The damage is done when the huge waves hit the shore,drive water inland, and not in open water where they will pass by and under objects with little or on harm done. Ships just ride with tsunami waves.

      • Yes, we knew about that. Trying to make it look like a “grassroots” effort….trying to compete with us. All funded and orchestrated by the well paid lobbyists at CanWEA.

  5. If its a $3 sign or $30000 car – theft is theft and the police need to lay charges regardless who it is

    • sounds like the police are on to something
      – they want to stay away from the ‘lunatic’ in the community.

      I say – stay calm – stay on task, and keep putting up your signs.

      Ignore the lunatic working for the wind industry.

  6. I would think that even if the police didn’t want to “pursue” the matter; a police report could be filed since the person, was present, and had evidence of a crime being committed. (Trespass)

    • I believe – with the police, just being called out –
      puts it on record.

      Again, I stress…….it is better to put all your
      energy into something positive –
      rather than giving
      Mr.Splettstoesser a platform to express himself.

      It would appear this man want’s confrontation.
      And, it’s not worth getting involved in that.

  7. Amazing …

    When they pulled back the curtains to expose the “Wizard of Sign Theft”, who did they find? …. not Frank Morgan but Ralphie Splettstoesser, who was alledgedly performing a public service.

    When my two signs were removed earlier this year, I replaced them with four. If these four go missing, I will put up eight, and so on …

    • Couple more sign posting tips:

      -Make sure you put them up high- use a ladder (& Ralph won’t want to drag a ladder around to take them down – he’d get caught every time)
      -Use a large washer and screws to attach them – really difficult to just rip them off.

      Geeze… and the cops are always looking at us like we are the bad guys! Well they should be taking a good hard look at these thiefs.

  8. Maybe try applying some real sticky white grease to the back edge of the signs, so if they are “grabbed”, the thief will have the evidence stuck to his hands…steering wheel…keys, or anything else he touches …LOL! Or, tape a couple rat traps to the back, point a motion-activated video camera on the sign, enjoy the show later….oops!

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  10. Chances are that Ralphie was squealing like a pig when he was caught red-handed at the trough stealing the sign.

    I wonder if McGuinty has signed Ralphie up as a candidate for a local riding association? Sure sounds like Ralphie meets the criteria for being granted the full approval of the provincial Fiberals.

  11. Quote by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and large CO2 producer: “Large-scale hog producers are a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network.”

    ..perhaps it’s the guilt.

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