Where does Meaford Council stand on wind turbines?

by Chris Fell, Simcoe.com

I think the time is right for residents of the Municipality of Meaford to be asking their council a simple question: where do you stand on wind turbines coming to our community?  I think it’s a fair question. I think it’s a question that needs to be answered.  Meaford is already faced with one large-scale industrial wind turbine project in Sydenham Township. Last week Greenlife Energy Inc. began advertising a public meeting being held in October about the Minniehill Wind Farm in St. Vincent Township. Read article

3 thoughts on “Where does Meaford Council stand on wind turbines?

  1. After last April’s informative town hall meeting in Meaford, I would have bet the farm that Meaford Council would have been convinced that IWTs were not beneficial for the area, and that a majority of local residents didn’t want them.
    Maybe I’m lucky I didn’t bet, because like Chris Fell, I too wonder just what council’s position is. Since that meeting, I suspect that there may have been pressure to bear from wind proponents who may or may not have some kind of alleged connection to the current administration.

  2. At the recent town hall meeting in Bognor, the mayor stated that most residents of the municipality support wind turbines in Meaford and the municipality would not spend any money to oppose the Minniehill project. It is perhaps time for the councilors to make their voices heard.

    • Hot of the Press!
      After the fog clears-
      council will have a spirited debate!

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