MOE extends period for public comment on Port Dover wind turbine project

by Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer

The Ministry of the Environment has bowed to public pressure and extended the deadline for filing comments about a proposed wind farm east of Port Dover.  MOE initially set a July 30 deadline for comments on the proposed Capital Power project. However, due to ongoing complaints in the local area, the MOE will continue to accept input until Aug. 29. Read article

6 thoughts on “MOE extends period for public comment on Port Dover wind turbine project

  1. Code Word:
    “relevant comments” = McGuinty democracy?
    …….and who determines what a “relevant comment” looks like?

    The ‘environmental wackos’ are ‘relevant’…….
    and their ‘useful idiots’ are ‘relevant’……..
    and, their team of lawyers – are ‘relevant’.

    Citizens = NIMBY = Irrelevant =
    The MOE “Dog – and – Pony” show!

    Me? I’m a pathetic realist.
    yes, yes, – I’ve been down this road……….I can hear the shredder now!
    You will need an army of lawyers – to be considered “relevant”

    I encourage you …….aside from submitting your comments……..

    ….ground level pressure at your local council –
    ….they should (?) be transparent – ‘no secrets’
    ….they are your voice! The ‘will of the people” -!!!!!
    N.B. ……..staff has probably had a stream of ‘very friendly’
    visits from the proponent (the good guy with the money).

    God Bless!

    “All comments and submissions received will become part of the public record,” the MOE website says. “You will not receive a formal response to your comment. However, relevant comments received as part of the public participation process for this proposal will be considered by the decision maker.”

  2. The article was prominently featured on the front page of the newspaper. You can’t pay to get that kind of exposure. Keep the pressure on.

  3. Consider this the developer who is building an adult style project at the edge of Port Dover, with a golf course attached, and is also the owner of the lands that will be hosting 13 turbines ;has already sold some units for his project. My parents who live in Port Dover meet one of these new residences to be and asked if them if they were worried about the wind turbines- “no” was the reply. Like most things in life unless it impacts immediately upon you and your lifestyle it is not considered an issue- or is facing the truth just too inconvenient?

    • I don’t entirely disagree with you Linda, however, some people are just clueless too. There are people out there who do not follow current events and live in their own little world. Sad, but true.

      I am totally shocked with the extension. Very unexpected. Good on all who pushed for it!

  4. I agree the lack of contemplation of the issues at hand is scary. Not thinking about doesn’t make it less real.
    To the lurkers out there – just a heads up we have been busy and will continue to push for what is right. Don’t under estimate the power of the true movers and shakers in the community- they will quietly go about and get results- kudos to Peter Slaman for leading the charge in Norfolk, and the members of Haldimand Wind Concerns, and everyone else who has added their voices to protecting our communities- many talented people have had an impact. We won’t rest until these projects are stopped !

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