Industrial wind turbine development will affect all of us

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I too was a supporter of wind power generation. I thought it was sustainable and quite benign.  Then I started hearing about adverse health effects, wildlife loss, the clear cutting of wooded areas, and reduction in property values. I talked to people who had been driven from their homes.

It will not be a handful who will be affected by wind turbines, as Mr. Stanley believes, IWT’s will affect all of us, many will lose money from decreased property values, decrease in tourism, the loss of our airport and sky diving school, (which brings business to Dunnville and surrounding area.)

We have already lost.

Our community has become divided by this issue already.

I agree with Mr. Stanley, it would be great to meet in the middle with our government but that isn’t happening.

Our government will not even agree to a moratorium on IWT’so that independent health studies can be done before wind projects proceed, even though over 60 communities across Ontario have requested one we have been ignored.

Then we have the wind companies, some who have representatives who are so callus, they can joke in council chambers that they hope that cottagers have windows that face south.

I cannot agree with Mr. Stanley that one kilometre setbacks would solve the problem.

I, nor he has the expertise to decide this.

Setbacks of 550 meters are certainly not enough. UK recommends 1,600 meters. Scotland recommends 2 kilometres. France’s Academy of Medicine recommends 1,500 meters until further studies can be done.

Our government has not taken these countries concerns seriously.

They want to rush through the green door without considering what is on the other side.

Mr. Stanley mentions the impacts of strip mining. Mountainous areas are blasted to install IWT’s.

His, “eerie feeling,” that the negative press is driving down property values puzzles me.  If we have concerns about safety, are we to be quiet so as not to upset anyone?

“Hush, close your eyes, if no one sees it, it isn’t there.”

I can’t sit back and and “feel confident that any decline in property values would bounce back after things settle down.”

That kind of complacency is unacceptable.

Pat Morris, Dunnville

2 thoughts on “Industrial wind turbine development will affect all of us

  1. Good for you Pat, well written.

    Too, too many unknowns about Industrial Wind Turbines.

  2. Well written. Complacency is never a good option, there is always time to protest for the sake of human dignity.

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