Grits dare Hudak to back out of new Samsung deal

by Jonathan Jenkins, Toronto Sun

The jobs at risk from killing the deal are nothing compared to the “hundreds of thousands of jobs” a PC government would create by making electricity cheaper for businesses and families, PC MPP Jim Wilson said.  The real problem with the deal, he said, is that Ontario has promised to connect Samsung’s projects to the grid, even as hundreds of smaller producers struggle to get their generation connected.  Read article

2 thoughts on “Grits dare Hudak to back out of new Samsung deal

  1. Does McGuinty understand what structural debt means??? FIT and IWT’s are a contributor to an already unsustainable debt load since its too expensive and reduces the tax base by harming factors which are condusive to a stable economy…like cheap and reliable energy. Like Harper said yesterday on the podium next to Rob Ford “let’s clean up Canada’s and Ontario’s left wing mess and hat trick with a PC win this October”

  2. Given that the short-term effect will be to boost subsidized exports, the near-term ANNUAL subsidy paid by Ontarians when Samsung finishes its projects will be $ 773 million. The gross annual amount they’ll be paid for their output, including a now-reduced economic adder, is about $ 1 billion.

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