Liberals release some Samsung energy details (but not much)

by John Spears, Toronto Star

Ontario’s Liberal government took the wraps off its controversial $7 billion energy agreement with Korean industrial giant Samsung Wednesday.  And, they made it clear that they’re willing to fight Tim Hudak and the Conservatives – who say they’ll tear up the agreement – on the deal in this fall’s election. Read article.

8 thoughts on “Liberals release some Samsung energy details (but not much)

  1. But in return, Samsung has agreed to cut the grants it will receive from the province to $110 million over the life of the 20-year agreement, down from $437 million.”

    Let me guess… after the election McGuinty will re-negotiate and Samsung will receive their full $437 million. And maybe a bonus for playing ball during McGuinty’s campaign.

    • Ya – I watch the ‘Simpsons’ too.
      ……if you really want to figure out what’s going on – the writers for the show
      are pretty much on the ball.

  2. Not to be disrespectful, but it sounds like Ontario has money to “blow”

  3. McGuinty and Horwath…–ndp-vows-to-wean-ontario-off-nuclear-power?bn=1

    Kinda reminds me of the Dumb and Dumber movie…

    Nuclear power currently accounts for about half of Ontario’s electricity generation, but Howarth insisted that energy-saving measures and increased use of renewable power can make up for some of that.

    This is a replay of the Du-No-Good theme that Conservation can be counted as “generated energy” — right?

    Expect the plans and actions to get ever more bizarre as the election approaches.

    By then, I’m sure, we will have Liberals dressing up in the back end of a horse suit… just for laughs.

    • I think we’re on to something.
      Trying to out think the Liberal mind – Kinda Creepy!
      but, I had a really sick thought.

      Liberals Thoughts Go Wild!
      …..are you ready?
      Okay! Open your eyes.

      Earth Day – live in the dark – once a month!

      I knew you’d like it!

  4. So Samsung appears to be behind schedule on their investments? Not that I am surprised but this probably explains the special teams from the MOE set up to expedite the approval process.

    How do you say “community consultation” in Korean? Korea is one of the most xenophobic societies in the world so dealing with aboriginal communities may be a cultural challenge.

  5. From what I understood Samsung just refused to treat First Nation people as partners. They wouldn’t share important information with them.

    “Trust Us”, they said. Yeah, right.

    • Blessings come in small ways………
      this could prove to be very significant.

      Trust and deceit – two interesting words.

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